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What is witchcraft?




When people say “witch,” they may mean different things. Generally, a witch is someone who believes in or practices magical skills and abilities. Their skills can involve working with natural forces to make things happen, like healing, manifestation, spiritual connection or divination. While opinions about what witchcraft is can differ, most people can agree that it is a spiritual and/or psychological practice that often uses rituals, spells and other practices to bring about desired outcomes. In addition, modern witchcraft emphasizes self-empowerment, personal growth and a connection to nature.

Throughout history, the idea of a witch has been influenced by religious beliefs. In medieval Europe, being a witch was tied to heresy and devil worship, leading to witch trials and the persecution of many. But today, being a witch is often seen as a positive and empowering spiritual path. People who identify as witches may draw inspiration from ancient pagan traditions, folk magic or follow the teachings of Wicca.

What witches do can vary a lot. They might perform rituals, cast spells, or use magical tools. Some practice alone, while others do so in groups. This diversity highlights the flexibility of magical practices and their ability to adapt to each individual witch’s beliefs, values and requirements.

What do witches believe?

What witches believe can also vary. Witches may or may not be part of a religion such as Wicca and they may or may not worship Gods and Godesses. Most witches believe that we can use our magical practice to change ourselves and the outside world through magical practices such as spells. Many witches believe that our practice allows us to connect with supernatural forces to co-create desired outcomes.

Some witches, often called sceptical or secular witches, believe that its power is primarily a psychological tool and that its power comes through changing our inner beliefs and in this way altering how we react to the world and how it responds to us. Sceptical witches may still use practices such as spellcraft and divination, but they believe the power of these practices comes from within rather than without.

Witches may also practice in similar ways while holding differing beliefs. For example, two witches may perform the same spell but one might believe that they are calling on supernatural forces, such as the elements of deities, to aid them while the other might believe that any changes that come from the spell are primarily internal and psychological. In fact, a third witch might believe both!

What witchcraft can do for you?

Perhaps you are a seasoned witch with years of experience or maybe you are new to the craft. Either way, the following offers an introduction or a reminder of what your practice can do for you. I can’t speak for every witch, but, in my experience, here are a few of the things you can expect from your journey.

Create connection

Practising witchcraft can help you to create a connection- with nature, the world around you, the people in your life and yourself. It can help you tap into deeper parts of your psyche and develop your intuition helping you to create the life you truly want. It can also help you disconnect from the things that are no longer serving you. These are different for everyone of course, but for me, my practice has let go of beliefs that limit my vision and potential. It has also helped me to stop trying to fill my soul by buying stuff and spending too much time connected to devices.

Improve wellbeing

My magical practice has helped me to overcome anxiety and depression and focus on the good in the world. It has also supported me to delve into the negative experiences that have affected me and begin to heal those damaged parts of my psyche. My practice has become a focus for my self-care practice, boosted my confidence and self-worth and helped me to develop healthy boundaries.

Change life for the better

Witchcraft has changed my life for the better in so many ways. My magical rituals and spells bring clarity to my life helping me cut through the chaos and see what matters to me. My practice then supports me in focusing my intention and creating the necessary changes in my life through magic, manifestation and ritual. My magical practice creates a focus to help me stay on track with creating the life of my dreams. In practical terms, it has helped me heal relationships, create abundance, build a business I love, heal myself and others and so much more.

Put the magic back into life

Life is inherently magical. The birth of a child, the journey of a plant from seed to tree and the movement of the moon and tides are all mysterious and awe-inspiring. In our materialistic world, we have lost sight of the magic in life. Through our practice, we can reconnect with the wonder, mystery and joy in life. We can experience synchronicities, guidance and the manifestation of our desires in ways that we could previously only imagine.

Who is witchcraft for?

Witchcraft is for anybody and everybody. You can be a witch no matter your race, gender, religion, sexuality, or neurotype. In addition, it does not depend on a specific set of beliefs. You can be a witch who honours and worships gods, or ancestors or one who believes that the magic is primarily psychological. You can also combine your magic with other faiths in any way you are comfortable with.

In my experience, being a city witch is a creative and life-affirming path that brings me joy and peace every day. That’s not to say that every day is FULL of joy and peace; but even when bad things happen, my practice helps me to weather the storm. I hope that, with the help of this website, you too will access a deep well of magic and wonder that enhances your life beyond all your expectations.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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