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Embracing Beltane: A Season of Renewal and Celebration

Beltane heralds the arrival of the summer and celebrates the blossoming of life, fertility and renewal.

The Essential Guide to Intuitive Witchcraft

Intuitive witchcraft is all about letting your intuition guide your witchcraft practice. So, effectively, it can't be taught. However, if you are looking for a guide to help you create a meaningful and effective intuitive witchcraft practice, read on.

How to celebrate Ostara

Ostara iis one of the eight pagan Sabbats within the Wheel of the Year and is named after Eostre or Ostara, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and dawn, from whom the word "Easter" also derives.

5 Magical Full Moon Rituals and Spells

The full moon is the perfect time fr powerful magical work. Choose one or more of the following full moon rituals or spells to embrace the lunar cycles in your life

4 Powerful Moon Spells and Rituals

We can harness the energy of the lunar cycle to empower our magic using moon spells and moon rituals. We can also call on the help of moon goddesses to help us with our moon magic.

Book review: IntuWitchin by Mia Magik

IntuWitchin: learn to speak the language of the Universe and reclaim your inner Magik by Mia Magik IntuWitchin is a lyrical yet practical guide to...

Engaging with the Tarot: The Magician

In the sequence of the Major Arcana, The Magician is numbered as I, marking the beginning of the journey and an initiation into the...

How to celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc, observed around February 1st or 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere, marks a significant point in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Rooted in ancient traditions, this Sabbat heralds the first signs of spring, symbolising the awakening earth and the gradual return of longer days. Here are a few thoughts on how to celebrate Imbolc.

Engaging with the Tarot: The Fool

The Fool is the first card of the 22 cards in the major arcana of the tarot deck. It typically depicts a young person standing at the edge of a cliff, a small bag in hand, and often accompanied by a small dog. The symbolism in The Fool card is rich and holds various interpretations.

A witches guide to divination

Navigate the art of divination with practical insights. Explore tools like tarot, runes and scrying for a grounded approach to understanding the unknown. Explore the world of divination for a clearer, more informed perspective on your path ahead.

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Sigil magic: how to create, charge and activate sigils

The simplicity and accessibility of sigil magic make it a popular choice for modern practitioners, especially for those who may be limited by space, resources, or the need for secrecy in their practice. 

Exploring Different Types of Witchcraft: A Guide to Various Traditions and Practices

There are many types of witchcraft and, as a witch, you can follow a specific witchcraft path, a mixture of paths or no specific path at all.

Embracing Beltane: A Season of Renewal and Celebration

Beltane heralds the arrival of the summer and celebrates the blossoming of life, fertility and renewal.