Your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life.

Urban Magic


Genius Loci: working with the spirit of place

Did you know that places often have their own spirits? Genius loci is a Latin term that translates to "guardian spirit of the place"

City magic: 3 city witchcraft spells

On a day of sunshine and showers in mid-July, I take a pilgrimage to the city to do some city magic.

City witchcraft: connecting with city spirits

Connecting with city spirits can boost our city witchcraft in many ways

Urban witch: Using city energy to supercharge your magic

As urban witches, we can tap into the energy of the city and channel it into our magic.

5 Ways to cultivate a mindfulness practice in the city

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness practice in the midst of bustling city living. Cultivate inner peace and resilience while navigating the demands of city life. Join us on a journey to mindfulness amidst the vibrancy of the Urban landscape

Nature in the city: unleash the power of Mother Earth

Urban witches often thrive on the energy and dynamism of busy city spaces. However, nature is also important to us. Luckily we city witches...

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Sigil magic: how to create, charge and activate sigils

The simplicity and accessibility of sigil magic make it a popular choice for modern practitioners, especially for those who may be limited by space, resources, or the need for secrecy in their practice. 

Exploring Different Types of Witchcraft: A Guide to Various Traditions and Practices

There are many types of witchcraft and, as a witch, you can follow a specific witchcraft path, a mixture of paths or no specific path at all.

Embracing Beltane: A Season of Renewal and Celebration

Beltane heralds the arrival of the summer and celebrates the blossoming of life, fertility and renewal.