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Genius Loci: working with the spirit of place


Most witches believe that everything in nature including animals, plants, rocks, rivers and other natural phenomena, possesses a spiritual essence or life force. But did you know that places have spirits too? Genius loci is a Latin term that translates to “guardian spirit of the place”. 

Genius loci refers to the unique spiritual essence inherent in a particular location or landscape. And it is not just ancient stone circles and burial chambers that have a spirit, even modern towns and cities can have a genius loci. What is more, you can connect to this spirit for guidance and support, to ask for its help, and even to discover how to use your magic to support your neighbourhood.

The idea behind genius loci is that certain places possess a spirit or energy that is distinct to that location, giving it a sense of identity and presence. This spirit is believed to be influenced by the natural features, history and collective experiences associated with the place. In fact, many gods and goddesses originated as a spirit of place, before their popularity grew and they began to be worshipped by a more widespread community.

Genius loci are often associated with the physical characteristics of a place, including its terrain, vegetation, climate and other environmental factors. This is why landscape features, such as Uluru in Australia and rivers, such as the Ganges River are considered sacred by indigenous and local people. In addition, the history, stories and events that have occurred in a particular place also contribute to its genius loci. Places that have been sacred to certain spiritual teachers, such as the Buddha or Jesus or locations that have witnessed unspeakable horrors, such as Auschwitz can have a particularly strong spirit of place.

Even human-made structures, art and architecture can also contribute to the genius loci of a location. The design and purpose of buildings, monuments and artwork can influence the overall energy and atmosphere of an area.

But you don’t need to travel to rivers or mountains to meet a genius loci, in fact, I think it’s better if you find a neglected spirit in your own area to work with. There may be a genius loci in your local park, an area of wasteland, a neglected riverside or canal, or a city square. There may be a genius loci in your local town hall, churchyard or even the train station. If you are unable to get out and about easily you can seek out the genius loci of your own street, your garden, or connect with the spirit of a tree on your road that you can see from the window.

There is a remnant of ancient woodland near where I live which I have visited several times a week for the last twenty years. It is only a few hundred metres wide and littered with empty food packets, cigarette butts and the occasional dumped motorbike, but often I have the place to myself. Despite its rubbish and graffiti, it is beautiful, with majestic oaks and ashes. It is a place I love and it seems to love me back. It appreciates the attention and care I give to it and responds by making me feel calm and inspired by every visit. These woods have given me clues as to when I am on the right path, such as when I found a half-buried ink bottle while I was wondering whether to write a book.

Tips for Working with a Genius Loci

To connect with your local spirit of place, spend as much time there as possible. Get to know the place and let it get to know you. If there is a place you already visit often, perhaps when you take the dog for a walk, then you have probably already developed a connection with that place, so that is a good area to start. 

When you are in this local place, pay attention. Try not to use your phone or put earbuds in, but spend time soaking up the energy of the place. Visit at all times of year, and in all weathers, so you get to know the different energies and moods of your special local place. Eventually, you should feel a connection to the place as if you belong there and feel at home, whether this is a local park or a city square – and this is an exceptional feeling for those of us who have experienced a disconnection from nature and the physical world.

Working with a genius loci requires us to be patient and respectful, just as with any relationship. You can’t just walk into a space, make an offering and then begin by asking for the spirit to improve your life. Keep visiting and paying attention and take note of any messages you receive.

If the area enjoys your presence and wants you to return, you will feel it. If it would prefer you leave it alone you will feel it too. Most genius loci and other spirits will be welcoming but some prefer not to spend time with humans. This can often be the case if the area has been damaged by humans before. You might want to gently persevere, the spirit may learn to trust you over time, or you may want to find another space. 

The place where I walk has a warm and welcoming spirit, however, there used to be a beech tree there that had been set on fire and had nails hammered into its trunk (goodness knows what anyone would do such a thing to a living entity). This tree, despite my gentle approaches and profuse apologies on behalf of my fellow humans, preferred me to keep my distance. It gave off a tangible energy of fear and hostility until, sadly, the council cut it down because its now rotten trunk was considered dangerous.

City spirits can communicate with us in many ways so pay attention and keep your senses open. You may hear words in your head, sense a presence or a feeling, or see strange phenomena such as lights or shadows. If you feel the spirit of place would like it you can make an offering. Make sure that this is not something that would harm the environment.

Use your intuition when deciding on offerings. Often the genius loci just enjoys your presence and attention and needs nothing more. I always pick up some litter when I visit my local special places as this is an offering of service and respect that honours these local spirits. We often come at the subject of offerings from a mindset that if we don’t offer something to the spirits or deities they will not do what we want. But this is not the right way to view a sacred relationship. Spirits and deities will help you if they want to – they cannot be bargained with. Find out if the genius loci wants something from you. It may want the area to be cleaned up or it may just want you to visit a certain amount of times a week. It may want you to help with problems in the local area such as homelessness.

Remember that the aim is to build a relationship with your genius loci that is mutually respectful and supportive. The genius loci does not have to help you or listen to your woes and demands. You have no right to their respect or their help – you earn this by building a relationship with them. If your aim is just to make a good impression so that the spirit will help you achieve your desires you are missing the point. The deep connection you make will be more spiritually nourishing than having your material desires fulfilled. In addition, if the spirit feels you have tricked them, they may reward your rudeness with some tricks of their own such as a bramble scratches, a tree root that trips you up or lost keys.

Finally, if you do make a request and receive help, remember to return to your genius loci and say thank you.

A ritual to connect with a genius loci

What you need

You don’t need anything to do this spell, but you can take some water as an offering if you choose. You can infuse the water with crystals or use water that has been allowed to absorb the moon or sun’s energy. You could also use native plants or herbs – but do your research so that you know any offering will not harm the environment.

What to do

Once you have arrived at your chosen place, spend some time tuning into the energy. Look, listen and feel whatever is around you while taking a few deep breaths. You may receive a message or a sense of peace or understanding. Stay in this quiet state as long as you feel comfortable.

To end your ritual, simply say thank you to the spirit of the place. You can pour the water or sprinkle the herbs if you are using these. Make a note in your magical journal about how you felt in this place and any thoughts or inspirations you received while you were there.

Working with your local genius loci regularly will build a deep and meaningful relationship that benefits both parties – exactly as human relationships do.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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