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Psychic abilities and how to harness them


Our psychic abilities can help us to tap into profound wisdom, navigate life’s challenges, uncover hidden truths and achieve our life purpose. Whether you’ve already sensed and made use of your intuitive abilities, or are just beginning to explore these gifts, this article will help you unleash your psychic skills and develop your intuitive potential.

In this article, we will explore the different types of psychic abilities and how they manifest. We’ll uncover the signs that indicate your psychic potential and provide practical insights and techniques for developing and refining your intuitive gifts.

So, get ready to unlock your psychic abilities and embark on a remarkable adventure of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Understanding Psychic Abilities: Exploring the Different Types and How They Manifest

The realm of psychic abilities is vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of intuitive gifts that vary from person to person. By understanding the different types of psychic abilities and how they manifest, we can gain clarity and insight into our own unique intuitive potential.


Clairvoyance, or “clear seeing,” is the ability to receive visual impressions or images beyond the physical senses. Those with clairvoyant abilities may experience vivid mental images, symbols, or even full-blown visions that provide profound insights and information.


Clairaudience, or “clear hearing,” refers to the ability to receive messages or information through auditory channels beyond ordinary hearing. Individuals with this gift may hear sounds, voices, or inner guidance that provides guidance and understanding.


Clairsentience, also known as “clear feeling,” involves the ability to sense or feel energies, emotions, and physical sensations from people, places, or objects. Those with clairsentient abilities often have heightened empathy, an ability to tune into others’ emotions, and a deep understanding of the energies present in different situations.


Claircognizance, or “clear knowing,” is the ability to have sudden and unexplained knowledge or insights without any rational explanation. Individuals with this gift often receive information or understandings that seem to come from a higher source or their own intuitive wisdom.

Clairgustance and Clairalience

Less common but equally intriguing, clairgustance is the ability to taste flavours or have sensory experiences associated with specific energies or spirits, while clairalience is the ability to smell scents or aromas that are not physically present.

It’s important to note that these psychic abilities are not mutually exclusive and can often intertwine or overlap in individuals. Some may possess a combination of several different psychic abilities, while others may predominantly excel in one area. Each person’s psychic journey is unique, and exploring and understanding your own abilities will unveil the true depth and potential of your intuitive gifts.

Signs of Psychic Abilities: Recognizing the Clues Within Yourself

Deep within you, there may be subtle signs and clues that indicate your inherent psychic abilities. By being attentive and open to these signs, you can gain a deeper understanding of your intuitive gifts. Here are some common signs that suggest you may have untapped psychic abilities:

Heightened Intuition

You often experience strong gut feelings or hunches that guide your decisions. Your instincts prove to be accurate, even when logic may suggest otherwise. Trusting your intuition comes naturally to you, and you find that it leads you towards positive outcomes.

Vivid Dreams and Intuitive Insights

Your dreams are exceptionally vivid and often contain meaningful symbolism or messages. You may have a knack for interpreting these dreams or find that they offer insights into situations or events in your waking life.

Sensitivity to Energies

You are highly attuned to the energies around you, whether it’s feeling a shift in the atmosphere of a room or sensing the emotions of others. You may notice fluctuations in your energy levels and be affected by the energy of certain places or individuals.

Strong Empathy

Your ability to empathize with others is profound. You can easily sense and understand their emotions, even without them expressing their feelings explicitly. This heightened empathy allows you to offer comfort, support, and guidance to those in need.

Synchronicities and Signs

You often experience synchronicities and meaningful coincidences that seem to defy logical explanations. These synchronicities serve as reminders or guiding markers in your life, affirming your connection to something greater than yourself.

Enhanced Intuitive Perception

You have moments of sudden knowing or insights that seem to come out of nowhere. These flashes of intuition provide you with information or solutions that surpass rational understanding, indicating a deeper connection to your intuitive abilities.

If you have experienced any of these signs it is an indicator that you may have untapped intuitive gifts. You can nurture and develop these gifts through self-reflection, education and practice. The following section will offer some ideas on techniques and practices that may help you develop and refine your psychic potential.

Practices for developing your psychic abilities

The following practices can help you to develop your psychic gifts. You may find that some practices come more easily to you than others. You don’t have to use all these practices – find the ones that work best for you.


Meditation serves as a foundational practice for connecting with your intuition. Set aside regular time for quiet reflection, allowing your mind to become still and receptive. Focus on your breath, clearing your mind of clutter, and create space for intuitive insights to arise naturally. Through consistent meditation, you will strengthen your ability to access and trust your inner guidance. If you struggle with meditation, you could try a walking meditation or a yoga practice instead.


Keeping a journal dedicated to your intuitive experiences can be a powerful practice for developing your psychic gifts. Write down your dreams, synchronicities and any intuitive insights or feelings you experience. Reflecting on these entries over time can reveal patterns, themes, and deeper meanings, helping you strengthen your connection with your intuition.

Energy Work

Engaging in energy work practices, such as Reiki, Qi Gong, or yoga, can help you develop a greater awareness of subtle energies and the flow of life force within you. These practices help balance and align your energy centres, creating a receptive space for intuitive information to flow freely.


Psychometry is a psychic or intuitive ability that involves obtaining information or impressions about an object, person, or place by touching or holding it. This practice is based on the belief that objects can absorb and retain energy or emotions from their surroundings or the people who have interacted with them. This information is thought to be stored within the object’s energy field, also known as its “vibration” or “aura.”

Psychometry requires a high level of sensitivity and attunement to energy..To develop this skill, practice holding an object and noticing any sensory perceptions, emotions, images, or even insights that are connected to the history of the object or the people associated with it.

For example, if a psychometrist holds a vintage necklace, they might experience a surge of emotions and images related to the necklace’s previous owners, events it has witnessed, or the places it has been. This practice is often used in paranormal investigations, psychic readings, and intuitive healing sessions.

Aura reading

An aura reading is a practice that involves perceiving and interpreting the energy field or aura that surrounds a person. The aura is believed to consist of subtle colours, vibrations and patterns that can reflect a person’s emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or stand facing the person whose aura you want to read. It’s helpful to have a plain, neutral-coloured background behind the person to enhance the visibility of the aura.

Both you and the person being read should take a few moments to relax and centre yourselves. Deep breaths and a calm state of mind can help attune your senses to the subtle energies.

Gently focus your gaze on the area around the person’s body, specifically a few inches to a foot away from their skin. Soften your gaze and avoid staring too intensely.

Instead of looking directly at the person, use your peripheral vision to observe the space around them. This can help you perceive the subtle colours and energy.

As you observe the person’s aura, pay attention to any sensations or impressions that come to you. You might perceive colours, shapes, or even sense emotions. Trust your intuition and the subtle information that arises.

Auras are often described in terms of colours. Different colours are associated with different emotions and states of being. For example, blue might indicate calmness and communication, while red could signify passion or strong emotions. Use your intuitive feelings to interpret the colours you perceive.

Aura reading takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see clear colours immediately. Over time, your sensitivity to energy might increase, leading to more accurate readings. You can also validate your interpretations by asking the person if your impressions resonate with them.

When you feel that the reading is complete, gently thank the person for their openness and participation. Share your insights with them, keeping in mind that your interpretations are meant to be helpful and supportive.

Symbol interpretation

Explore symbol interpretation as a way to tap into your subconscious and higher guidance. Choose a symbol, such as a tarot card, and contemplate its meaning. Trust your intuitive impressions and explore the layers of symbolism that resonate with you. This exercise enhances your ability to decode and interpret symbolic messages.

Pendulum Work

Work with a pendulum to develop your intuitive connection. Hold the pendulum steady and ask yes or no questions, observing its movements as responses. Practice to establish a clear communication system with your pendulum, allowing it to serve as a tool for intuitive guidance and validation.

Techniques for clearing, balancing, and protecting your psychic field

An important part of psychic work is learning to keep your own energy balanced. It can be very easy for beginners to pick up energies for others which can cause distressing emotions and exhaustion. Whenever you practice using your psychic abilities, remember to use a cleansing and balancing technique to clear away any energies that don’t belong to you and restore your inner equilibrium. You may also need to use protective techniques to shield yourself from unwanted influences. This is especially important for beginners who may struggle to, ‘switch off’ their psychic abilities.

Clearing Techniques

To clear your psychic field of stagnant or negative energies, consider practices such as cleansing with incense or using crystals like clear quartz or selenite. Visualize a white or golden light enveloping your entire being, cleansing away any unwanted energies. You can also engage in energy-clearing meditations, where you imagine a waterfall or a gentle breeze washing away any energetic debris.

Balancing Techniques

Maintaining balance within your energetic field is essential for optimal psychic functioning. Grounding exercises, such as walking barefoot in nature or visualizing roots extending from your feet into the Earth, help you stay rooted and connected. Regular self-care practices, such as meditation, yoga, or reiki can also assist in restoring balance and harmony to your psychic field.

Protective Techniques

Shielding is a powerful technique for protecting your psychic field from external influences or unwanted energies. Visualize a protective shield of light surrounding you, acting as a barrier against negativity. You can also call upon spiritual allies, such as your spirit guides or angels, to assist in shielding and safeguarding your energetic space. Additionally, wearing or carrying protective crystals like black tourmaline or obsidian can help create a shield of energetic protection.

Developing a Relationship with Your Spiritual Support Team

A further important aspect of developing our psychic abilities is to cultivate a relationship with our spirit guides. Spirit guides are benevolent beings in the spiritual realm who offer guidance, support, and wisdom as we navigate our lives. Developing a connection with them allows us to tap into their higher knowledge and receive assistance on our psychic and spiritual paths. As an urban witch, you can also call on city spirits and deities to help you. Here are some steps to help you connect with and develop a relationship with your spirit guides:

Develop a Sacred Ritual

Create a sacred ritual that is meaningful to you and helps you connect with your spirit guides. Light a candle, burn incense, or set up an altar dedicated to your guides. Regularly engage in this ritual as a way to honour and invite their presence into your life.

Set Clear Intentions

Intention is a powerful tool in forging a connection with your spirit guides. State your intention to connect with your guides and ask for their presence and assistance. Be specific about the guidance you seek, whether it’s insight, protection, or support in developing your psychic gifts.

Be Open to Signs and Synchronicities

Spirit guides often communicate through signs, synchronicities, and symbols in our everyday lives. Stay open and receptive to these subtle messages. Pay attention to repeating numbers, meaningful coincidences, or vivid dreams, as they may carry guidance from your spirit guides.

Journaling and Automatic Writing

Keep a journal dedicated to your experiences and communications with your spirit guides. After moments of meditation or when you feel a connection, write down any messages, insights, or intuitive impressions you receive. Automatic writing, allowing your hand to freely write without conscious control, can also serve as a powerful method of communication with your guides.

Trust Your Intuition

When connecting with your spirit guides, trust your intuitive senses. Allow your inner knowing to guide you as you discern the messages and guidance received. Practice distinguishing between your ego-based thoughts and the gentle, loving guidance of your guides. With time and practice, you will strengthen this connection and develop a deeper trust in their presence.

As you deepen your connection, you will discover the invaluable wisdom, support, and unconditional love that your spirit guides bring, enriching your psychic abilities and spiritual growth. Embrace this divine partnership and allow your spirit guides to be trusted allies on your path of self-discovery and transformation.

Closing thoughts

Unleashing your psychic abilities is not just about unlocking hidden psychic potential, but also about deepening your connection to yourself, others and the world around you. It is a journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and profound transformation. Embrace your intuitive gifts, nurture them and allow them to guide you on a path of insight, wisdom and personal empowerment. Trust in the limitless possibilities that lie within you and let your psychic abilities shine brightly in all aspects of your life.

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