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5 Magical Full Moon Rituals and Spells


The full moon is often considered a time of increased energy and potential. Full Moon energy is harnessed for a variety of purposes, including meditation, reflection and the setting of intentions for the future. The Full Moon is also a good time for releasing what no longer serves us, making space for new beginnings and growth. Many of us also find it an ideal moment for cleansing and recharging our magical tools and ingredients. We can also use the power of the Full Moon for healing and rituals that enhance our spiritual practices.

Essentially, the Full Moon serves as a monthly checkpoint, offering an opportunity to pause, reflect and realign with our goals and desires in a supportive and energized environment.

The Lunar Cycle

Many witches like to work with the energy of the lunar cycles. These energies can impact our magic, enhancing our intentions and amplifying energy. The different moon phases can be used for specific purposes and generally, when the moon is growing larger we use magic to increase what we want, and when it is growing smaller we use it to decrease what we don’t want. However, the Full Moon has an especially powerful energy. The Full Moon boosts any magic we do, making it a good time for all sorts of spells and rituals, whether they’re about personal growth or just celebrating life and magic.

An introduction to Full Moon rituals and spells

This phase of the moon is traditionally associated with a peak in energy, clarity and completion. It is a time when emotions and intuition are heightened, making it an ideal period for reflection, letting go of what no longer serves us and setting intentions for the future. By engaging with Full Moon energy, we can tap into a natural rhythm that helps align our actions with our deeper desires and goals.

One practical way to engage with this energy is through the practice of Full Moon rituals. These can vary from simple to elaborate, depending on your preferences.

A straightforward ritual might involve spending a few moments under the moonlight in quiet reflection or meditation, focusing on releasing any negative energies and making space for new beginnings. Writing down what you wish to release and then safely burning the paper is another powerful method to symbolize letting go. Additionally, setting aside time to jot down your aspirations and intentions for the coming month can act as a guide to focus your energies positively. Through these practices, you harness the Full Moon’s energy to foster personal growth and positive change in your life.

Because the Full Moon amplifies our intuition, it is an ideal time for rituals focused on psychic enhancement. The heightened intuition and clarity brought about by the Full Moon make it perfect for tarot readings, rune casting, or any form of divination to seek guidance and wisdom.

Another key practice during this phase is the Full Moon ritual for cleansing. This involves using the moon’s energy to clear personal auras, spaces and tools of any negative or stagnant energies. The act of physical cleansing, combined with the visualization of moonlight washing away unwanted energies, can purify your spiritual and physical environment, preparing you for new beginnings.

Healing Full Moon rituals are also incredibly powerful, as they tap into deep emotional and physical layers, promoting profound transformation and renewal. Full Moon energy serves as a supportive and strengthening backdrop for these practices, enhancing the body and spirit’s natural healing processes.

Here are five Full Moon rituals and spells you might like to try during the next Full Moon.

Full Moon Spell for Psychic enhancement

At the full moon, the veil between worlds is thin and our intuition is at its strongest making it the ideal time for a Full Moon spell to enhance our psychic abilities and connect with our intuition. The following Full Moon spell aims to amplify your psychic senses, allowing you to perceive beyond the physical world and tap into a deeper understanding of the universe.

What You Need

A small bowl of natural water, preferably spring or rainwater, symbolizing emotional clarity
A silver or white candle. If you are working outside, a candle lantern is useful as it will help to keep your candle alight. Alternatively, you can use an LED candle if you can’t burn candles indoors or if it is very windy outside)
A journal and pen
Lavender, crumbled bay leaves or mugwort – these herbs associated with psychic visions and dreams
Moonstone (optional)
Incense, choose intuitively but frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood are recommended for spiritual connection (optional)

What to Do

Begin this full moon spell by setting up your sacred space. Ideally, this spell should be performed outdoors under the Full Moon’s light, allowing you to directly draw upon its energy. If you’re indoors, position yourself so you can see the moon or its light. If you are unable to view the moon, you can use a symbol of the moon or a crystal such as moonstone, selenite or clear quartz instead.

Cleanse your space by burning incense, ringing a bell, clapping your hands or imagining your space cleansed by white light.

Next, place your candle in the centre of your space and arrange the other items around it around it. As you do this, focus on your intention to enhance your psychic abilities, and visualize envisioning the moon’s energy charging each item.

Light the candle, and as it begins to burn, take a few deep breaths to centre yourself. If you have a moonstone, hold it in your hands as you do the following, if not, just do the next part without a moonstone. Close your eyes and visualize the moon’s silver light enveloping you, entering your body through the crown of your head and illuminating your third eye (the space between your eyebrows). Feel this light activating and opening your psychic senses.

Next, take the lavender or mugwort and sprinkle it into the bowl of water, gently stirring it with your finger. As you do this, recite aloud or in your mind: “May the moon’s ethereal light, enhance my psychic vision tonight. Under the Full moon’s celestial glow, let my wisdom and intuition grow.”

Dip your fingers into the herb-infused water, and lightly touch your forehead where your third eye is located. This act symbolizes the cleansing and opening of your psychic vision.

Spend a few moments in meditation, sitting quietly with the energies you’ve invoked. Ask the universe, or any guides you feel connected to, to assist you in opening your psychic pathways. Be open to any sensations, visions or messages that come through.

When you feel ready, jot down any impressions or intentions in your journal. This helps to solidify your psychic enhancement goals and can serve as a reference for your progress.

To close the spell, give thanks to the moon, the universe, and any guides for their guidance and energy. Allow the candle to burn down safely or extinguish it if necessary. Keep the moonstone with you or place it under your pillow to continue working with the energy of this Full Moon spell, especially through dreams.

Full Moon Spell for healing

The power of the Full Moon illuminates our deepest wounds, making it an ideal time for both release and healing. This two-part Full Moon spell first focuses on releasing emotional wounds or blockages, harnessing the Full Moon’s energy to let go of what no longer serves you. The second part concentrates on creating a healing amulet, imbued with the intention of restoration and well-being to carry with you as you move forward.

Part 1: Healing and Release

What You Need

  • A piece of paper and a pen (to write down what you wish to release)
  • A fire-safe bowl or container and matches or a lighter (optional)

What to Do

Begin in a serene spot where you can see the Full Moon such as outdoors or by a window. Alternatively, you can use an image or symbol of the moon, or a white crystal instead.

Ground yourself with deep breaths, feeling the presence of the night around you.

Write down on the piece of paper all the emotional wounds and blockages that you wish to release. Focus on the intention of letting these go to make space for healing and positivity.

Once you’ve written everything down, hold the paper up to the moonlight, silently asking the moon to cleanse and release these burdens. If it’s safe to do so, burn the paper in the fire-safe bowl, watching as the smoke carries away your written words to the universe for transformation and release. If burning isn’t an option, tear the paper into small pieces, symbolizing the release of these energies.

Take a moment to feel the lightness and space created by letting go. Then thank the moon for its cleansing energy. You might like to ground yourself by walking barefoot on the earth or having something to eat or drink.

If you wish, after you have completed the second part of the Full Moon spell, you can bury the ashes or scraps of paper far away from your home or dispose of them in a rubbish bin outside your home to ensure all negative energies are removed.

Part 2: Creation of a Healing Amulet

What You Need

  • Clear quartz crystal or Amethyst
  • Rosemary and/or lavender
  • A small pouch or a piece of cloth and some ribbon or string

What to Do

Now, focus on what you wish to draw into your life in place of what you’ve released—health, peace, emotional resilience, etc.

Hold the clear quartz or amethyst in your hands and visualize the moon’s healing light charging them with your new intentions. These crystals now symbolize your journey towards healing and balance.

Sprinkle rosemary or lavender over the crystals, adding the herbs’ healing properties to your amulet. Lavender brings tranquillity and peace, while rosemary is for purification and rejuvenation.

Place the crystals and herbs in the pouch, or wrap them in the cloth and tie the cloth with the ribbon or string up, sealing your intentions within. Hold this amulet up to the moon, asking for its energy to bless and empower your path to healing.

Keep the amulet with you, in a pocket, bag, or under your pillow, especially during the nights leading up to and following the full moon. Let it serve as a reminder of your commitment to healing and the support of the universe in your journey.

Conclude by grounding yourself once more, feeling the earth’s support beneath you. Express gratitude for the healing begun this night, trusting in the process and your own strength and resilience.

Full Moon Ritual for Divination

The Full Moon holds a special energy that can greatly enhance divination practices. With its bright light illuminating the night sky, the Full Moon offers clarity and insight, making it easier to connect with intuitive abilities. During this time, the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is believed to be thinner, allowing for clearer messages to come through.

Whether using tools like tarot cards, runes or scrying, or simply relying on one’s intuition, the heightened energy of the Full Moon amplifies the effectiveness of divination. It becomes easier to tap into subconscious wisdom and receive guidance from the universe. Many witches find that their divination sessions during the Full Moon yield more accurate and profound insights, making it a favoured time for seeking guidance and foresight.

The following Full Moon ritual is designed to harness the full moon’s power to gain insights, clarity and guidance for the coming lunar cycle.

What You Need

  • A quiet space under the Full Moon (if indoors, ensure you have a clear view of the moon)
  • A divination tool (tarot cards, runes, a pendulum, oracle cards, or even a journal for automatic writing)
  • A white or silver candle (to symbolize the moon and enhance psychic abilities; optional if candles are not suitable for your space)
  • Crystals for divination (such as moonstone, amethyst, or clear quartz to enhance intuitive abilities)
  • Incense, a bell or water to cleanse the space and your divination tools (optional)
  • A small bowl of water (to represent the element of water, associated with intuition and the subconscious; optional)

What to Do

Begin by cleansing your space and divination tools. You can use incense, ring a bell around them or wash those that will not be damaged by water. Alternatively, you can simply clap your hands around the items to break up any negative energies. This clears away any negative or stagnant energies and creates a sacred environment for your Full Moon ritual. If you’re using a candle, light it now to invite the moon’s energy and illuminate your space with its glow.

Sit comfortably under the moonlight (or near a window if indoors) and take a few deep breaths. Allow the moon’s light to wash over you, envisioning it cleansing your aura and opening your third eye. Hold your divination tool in your hands, charging it with the moon’s energy.

Mentally or aloud, state your intention for the divination. It could be a question you seek the answer to, guidance for the upcoming lunar cycle, or clarity on a specific situation. Be clear and focused in your intention, allowing it to guide the energy of your Full Moon ritual.

Use your chosen divination tool as guided by your practice. For tarot or oracle cards, you might want to do a specific spread related to the Full Moon or your particular question. If using runes, cast them with your question in mind. For pendulum work, ask your questions, allowing the pendulum’s movements to provide your answers. If you’re practising automatic writing, let your pen flow on the paper without conscious thought, channelling insights from the moon’s energy.

After performing your divination, spend some time reflecting on the messages or insights received. Meditate on their meanings and how they apply to your life. The Full Moon’s energy can bring clarity and depth to your understanding, so be open to revelations and intuitive feelings that arise.

Once you feel you have completed your divination, express gratitude to the moon and any spiritual guides for their guidance and insight. If you have used a candle, safely extinguish it, acknowledging the light of wisdom it has brought to your Full Moon ritual. Collect your tools, and if you feel so inclined, journal about your experience and the insights received for further reflection.

After such an energetically charged practice, it’s important to ground yourself. You can do this by visualizing roots extending from your feet into the earth, eating something, or simply stepping outside to connect physically with the earth.

This Full Moon divination ritual can be a powerful practice for receiving guidance, uncovering deeper truths, and enhancing your spiritual journey. It’s a beautiful way to connect with the rhythms of the natural world and the wisdom it holds.

Full Moon Ritual for Charging Tools and Crystals

The Full Moon is the perfect time for cleansing and charging your magical tools and crystals, imbuing them with its energy. The following Full Moon ritual is designed to harness this powerful energy, revitalizing your items to enhance their natural properties and intentions. By performing this Full Moon ritual, you connect your spiritual tools with the cycles of the moon, aligning them with the universe’s rhythms and magnifying their effectiveness in your magical practice.

What You Need

  • Your selection of magical tools and crystals (such as tarot cards, pendulums, wands, amulets, and any crystals in need of recharging)
  • A clean cloth or altar (to lay out your items under the moonlight)
  • Water, incense or a bell to cleanse the energy of your space and your tools and crystals
  • A small bowl of sea salt (optional, for additional cleansing)
  • A clear night under the Full Moon (ensure your items can be placed where they will be bathed in moonlight)

What to Do

Begin by finding a suitable spot where your tools and crystals can safely rest under the moonlight, ideally outdoors. If you must stay indoors, choose a windowsill or area where the moon’s rays can reach them. Spread the cloth or prepare your altar in this spot.

Cleanse the space and your tools and crystals with incense, water or by ringing a bell around them, using a method that is appropriate to the materials your tools are made from. This ritual act cleanses away any stagnant or negative energies, preparing them to be charged with the moon’s pure energy. As you do this, visualize any unwanted energies dispersing, leaving your items cleansed and ready to absorb the moon’s power.

Lay out your tools and crystals on the cloth or altar. If using sea salt for additional purification, you can either sprinkle some around your items or place your crystals directly into a bowl of salt. However, be mindful that some crystals, like selenite, can be damaged by salt, so use this method according to your understanding of your crystals’ properties.

Stand or sit by your arranged items, turning your attention to the Full Moon. You might want to close your eyes and take deep breaths, connecting with the moon’s energy. Silently or aloud, invite the moon to charge your tools and crystals with its light. You could say something like, “Benevolent moon, bathe these tools in your light. Charge them with your energy, and align them with your cycle. May they be empowered to serve their purpose in harmony with your rhythms.”

Spend some time meditating under the moonlight, visualizing it filling your tools and crystals with vibrant energy. Imagine the moon’s rays as a bright, cleansing light, penetrating and purifying each item, charging them with powerful, positive energy.

Once you feel the process is complete, express your gratitude to the moon for its blessings. Carefully collect your tools and crystals, feeling their amplified energy. If they were placed on the ground, consider grounding yourself as well by touching the earth, and acknowledging the connection between the moon, yourself and the earth.

It’s beneficial to let your tools and crystals rest overnight under the moonlight to fully absorb the lunar energy, provided they are safe and secure. Collect them the following morning, noting any changes in their energy or appearance.

By incorporating this Full Moon ritual into your practice, you ensure your tools and crystals are energetically charged, cleansed and aligned with the powerful cycles of the moon, enhancing your spiritual work and personal growth.

Full Moon ritual for gratitude and intentions


Begin by finding a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit comfortably, preferably where you can see the moon or its light. If being outdoors is not an option, simply being by a window where the moon is visible or imagining its presence will also work.


Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. With each inhalation, imagine drawing in the moon’s silver light, filling your body with its cool, calming energy. As you exhale, release any tension or negative thoughts. Continue this breathing technique until you feel centred and at peace.

Gratitude List

In your mind’s eye, create a mental list of things you’re thankful for. Start with the smallest and seemingly insignificant blessings, gradually moving to the larger ones. This can include personal achievements, loved ones, experiences that brought you joy, or challenges that led to growth. Allow yourself to truly feel gratitude for each item on your list, basking in the positive emotions they evoke.

Heart and Mind Connection

With your heart filled with gratitude, envision each of these blessings as beams of light radiating from your heart centre, mingling with the moon’s energy. Imagine this combined energy as a protective and nurturing aura that expands to envelop you completely. Feel the joy and appreciation amplifying within this space.

Intention Setting

Now, focus on your intentions for the coming month. Think about what you wish to attract, focusing on feelings of joy, love and abundance. Visualize your intentions as seeds planted in the fertile ground of your gratitude. See them being nurtured by the moon’s energy and your own positive emotions, growing and flourishing in the days ahead.

Closing the Ritual

To conclude, bring your hands together in front of your heart in a gesture of sealing the energy work you’ve done. Whisper words of thanks to the moon for its guidance and support. Gently open your eyes, carrying a sense of peace and appreciation with you.

After the Ritual

To extend the ritual’s impact, consider jotting down the things you were grateful for and the intentions you set. Keep this list somewhere you can see it daily as a reminder of the positive energies you’ve cultivated.

In summary, Full Moon energy offers a unique and powerful opportunity to engage in rituals, spells and practices that enhance psychic abilities, cleanse and purify, facilitate healing and provide divinatory insights. By performing Full Moon rituals, one can align more closely with the rhythms of the natural world, harnessing the moon’s energy for personal growth, healing and spiritual practice.

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