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The Essential Guide to Intuitive Witchcraft


Intuitive witchcraft is all about letting your intuition guide your witchcraft practice. So, effectively, it can’t be taught. However, if you are looking for a guide to help you create a meaningful and effective intuitive witchcraft practice, read on.

Witchcraft as connection

For me, intuitive witchcraft is a spiritual practice that is all about connection – connection to my deeper self, mother nature, the world around me and the people and other energetic entities in the world. When I create a deeper connection with these things, my life is more joyful, things run more smoothly and I can more easily achieve my goals and intentions. A big part of witchcraft for me is getting into the energetic flow of magic and connecting with universal energies in order to feel more joyful, connected and fulfilled.

What type of witch am I?

Many new witches ask the question, what type of witch am I? This is a good question, and often our interests show us clearly which path suits us best. For example, if you are into herbal medicine and love being in nature, then the green witch path is probably well suited to you.

However, it is not always helpful to label or limit our practice. I choose to follow an intuitive witchcraft path. This means that rather than trying to impose a certain category or tradition on my practice, I follow my intuition when deciding what kinds of magical and spiritual practices I do. Of course, you can be an intuitive witch who also follows a green witch path, or a Wiccan intuitive witch. There really are no limits to intuitive witchcraft.

Intuitive witchcraft

For me, magic is not about having a huge apothecary of herbs, a toolbox of crystals and a giant spellbook. It’s about creating a deep connection with divinity, energy and magic. It is about connecting with the spirit of plants, crystals, tools, the elements, deities, spirits etcetera.

Lots of beginner witches asked for advice on where to start. Often people suggest they narrow their focus to a couple of specific areas of interest – perhaps tarot, crystals or herbs and learn everything they can about them. I did this when I first started practising witchcraft, I researched every crystal and each of them seemed like something I needed. I collected more than I should have and scattered them on altars, bathroom shelves and under pillows. The problem is, that I never created a connection with them. I couldn’t even remember what half of them were supposed to do.

I realised I was looking for a crystal to ‘fix me’, and to erase my perceived flaws and solve my problems rather than one that would help me tune into divine wisdom. I do believe crystals have magical properties and can affect energy, but you need to tune into them to receive the wisdom and healing they offer.

I made the same mistake with herbs. I bought several spell books and I thought I needed every single herb they mentioned, filling pretty shelves with pretty jars full of them. I did study them. I learned what their properties are and their magical meanings. I used them in candle magic, spell jars and burned them for cleansing. But then, one day, a plant spoke to me. 

I was visiting a beautiful National Trust garden that had a particularly fine collection of salvias. These beautiful perennials, come in a wide variety of varieties and colours and the leaves of some smell a bit like blackcurrants. I touched the leaves of one particularly beautiful purple flowered variety and it spoke to me. “I am your spirit plant,” it said. That’s when I suddenly understood what herb magic was all about.

Basically, if you want to be an intuitive witch, I recommend getting to know a few things really well: a crystal or a plant or herb, maybe a specific tarot card you are drawn to, a tree in your local area or a place in nature.

And remember, intuitive witchcraft is not supposed to ‘fix you’ because you are exactly who you are meant to be right now already.

Transformative magic

For me, being an intuitive witch is about more than just following a spellbook to create magic, or reading other people’s insights on herbs, crystals or divination – though these are also great things to do. It’s just that doing only those things misses the point of creating that connection for yourself. It doesn’t help you develop your own magic, tap into the flow of spirit, or deeply sense and manipulate the energy around you.

Being a witch is about both an inner and an outer transformation, it requires us to:

  • Understand that we are part of the divine
  • Work on our inner limiting beliefs or ‘shadow’
  • Make a connection with something larger than ourselves.

This is all part of the magic, and all of these things can be done through magical practices, rituals and spells. And believe me, I love to do rituals and spells! I love the witchy aesthetic and the witchy tools, the grimoires and potions and the incantations and all that jazz!

You are Divine

To understand your own divinity you need to remember that you are not separate from nature, you are not separate from magic, you are not separate from the divine. You are an inextricable part of it all – and so am I. For me, this is the most powerful lesson of witchcraft.

Understanding that you are part of the divine may take some significant reprogramming. You have been taught that thoughts like that are childish and silly. You have been told that seeing is believing – even though quantum physics has proven that the underlying nature of reality is very different from its surface appearance. You’ve been told you are weak, powerless and flawed. You’ve been taught that you are in desperate need of ‘fixing’ with the latest skin cream, fashion accessory, car, pension plan, lipstick, self-help book, degree, or even crystal, herb or the right coloured candle.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist here, the ‘powers that be’ don’t want you to know that you are divine and powerful. They would rather you’re afraid and unhappy because they can’t manipulate people who are aware of their own divinity. That’s why they try to burn us in so many varied ways.

How do you become aware of your own Divinity.

I hate that every book, I read about spirituality and self-awareness tells me I need to meditate. I loathe meditation. I can’t bear sitting still with my own thoughts for more than 30 seconds, but I have to concede that all the books are right. When I actually manage to meditate, it is life-changing. So if you can meditate, even if it’s only for five minutes a day, then do.

I like to light a candle when I meditate, but then I like to ritualise everything! You could burn incense, listen to nature sounds or specific sound frequencies, or just sit in silence – whatever works for you.

A walking meditation or yoga practice, relaxing bath or run might work better for you. Try to find a few moments each day to connect with what is really going on inside. Ask yourself how am I today? What do I need? What feelings do I need to explore? What voices from the past are holding me back from living a magical life? In what ways do I feel connected to my inner self and my own Divinity?

If you can’t meditate, I find journaling to be an excellent alternative. Meditation is not about quietening the mind, it’s just about noticing how crowded it is in there! Stream-of-consciousness journaling is an alternative way to sort through the clamouring voices in our heads and pay attention to what’s actually going on inside our heads.

Magic, ritual and spells are another way to be mindful, present and connect with our inner divinity. You might like to try the following ritual to connect with universal guidance and your inner divinity.

Intuitive witchcraft ritual: Opening to universal guidance

What you need

A comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

You may also use relaxing sounds, a candle (or LED candle), incense, aromatherapy oils or whatever else you find helps you to focus and relax.

What to do 

Sit or lie down comfortably and take a few deep breaths.

Relax your jaw, relax your shoulders.

Notice any other areas of tension in your body. Breathe into these areas and, on the out-breath, release any tension or discomfort.

When you feel more relaxed, ask universal energy, your inner divinity, or any elemental energies, spirits, guides, deities, or entities you choose to reveal themselves to you. You may like to say something like the following

In this moment of quiet, I seek to connect, to the magic of the universe and the divinity within me. Bring me wisdom and insights from my intuition to guide my path

If you are a sceptical witch who does not believe in spirits or deities you can simply ask to speak to your higher self or universal energy.

Ask that these guides bring you good energy, advice and healing for whatever you need in your life right now. Ask them to guide you on your journey and protect you as you work your magic with their help.

Relax your shoulders again and continue to breathe slowly and evenly for a few more minutes.

You may find that thoughts come to your mind, or you receive images or just a sense of comfort or peace. When you feel like you are done, thank your guides for their time.

Don’t worry if nothing much happens the first time you practice this. Repeat the exercise whenever you feel you need help and support or just want to make a connection. You will find that ideas, words, images and sensations become clearer with practice.

You might like to write in your journal if you received a sense of support or comfort or ideas or images that help you.

Shadow work

I believe shadow work is an essential part of witchcraft because, without going within and looking deep inside and bringing what we find into the light, how can we heal? Some people say shadow work is dangerous and disruptive. Well, they are right, but I’m guessing that if you want to be a witch, safe and repetitive isn’t your bag anyway. That being said, it is worth approaching shadow work with caution. Make sure you’re supported by a good friend, mentor or therapist if you have experienced a lot of trauma.

Shadow work is the process of investigating our unconscious, which often has more influence on our lives than we think. The stuff that goes on deep down affects our mood, our achievements, our relationships, our thoughts, emotions and health. If you don’t ever stop to work on this part of your nature, you’re basically letting a toddler run the show.

You can read more about shadow work in my post Shadow work for beginners

Connecting to the divine through the subconscious

The subconscious is also a vessel for wisdom, intuition and creativity. Tapping into this part of ourselves can transform our lives from mundane to magical in the most surprising ways.

You can access your subconscious through myth, fairytales, journaling, pathworking, shamanic work, plant medicines, divination, dreamwork and meditation to name a few.

Pathworking ritual to access subconscious realms

Choose a peaceful spot in nature, if possible, or a quiet place in your home where you won’t be disturbed. You may like to work within a circle of salt or candles or create a sacred space with visualisation – let your intuition guide you.

Begin by taking deep, slow breaths. Visualize roots growing from your feet (or the base of your spine if you’re sitting) into the earth, reaching deep into the ground, connecting you to the earth’s core.

As you breathe in, imagine drawing up stability and nourishment from the earth. As you breathe out, release any tension or negativity.

Sit comfortably within your circle, closing your eyes. Visualize yourself standing in a lush, green forest at the edge of a clear, tranquil lake.

Imagine a mist rolling in over the lake, and as it clears, you see a path leading into the forest. This is your invitation into the world of the unconscious.

As you walk down the path, pay attention to any animals, figures, or symbols that appear to you. These are messages from the subconscious.

When you feel ready, ask for guidance or wisdom related to a current challenge or question in your life. Listen with your inner ear for any responses.

Once you have received guidance, thank your subconscious for its wisdom. Visualize yourself walking back up the path, out of the forest, and back to the lake, where the mist escorts you back to your physical body.

Take a few deep breaths and, when you’re ready, open your eyes. Ground yourself once more by visualizing the roots retracting and by moving your fingers and toes.

This pathworking ritual can be modified and expanded upon based on personal preferences, insights received during the practice, and deeper study of specific spiritualities and mythologies.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide to intuitive witchcraft. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments below.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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