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Crafting powerful spell jars: A city witch guide


Spell jars are a simple and versatile way to create magic. This is one reason why spell jar recipes and spells abound on the internet and social media. However, if you want to create a powerful, personal spell jar, this article will guide you to create your own. There is also an example spell jar at the end of the post if you would like to be guided through the process.

How to create a spell jar

I tend to use spell jars in two distinctly different ways. The first is to add ingredients to a jar with clear intentions, raise energy to empower the spell then seal the jar. The spell is then complete. I may, for example, create a protection spell jar that I can carry in my bag or pocket.

The second way I like to create spell jars is to have ongoing spells. I love to create spell jars for long-term intentions, such as self-love and confidence, harmonious relationships and financial stability. These can be created and added to in the same way as you may add items to a money bowl to boost its power and longevity. In this case, I use a larger jar with a lid but do not seal the jar. 

I like to collect pretty jars from home stores or charity shops to create these jars, but you can use empty jam or sauce jars. Once the spell jar is made, I can then add items and raise energy to infuse them whenever I feel they need a boost. I also focus my intention on them regularly perhaps by lighting a candle or meditating with them. I also use the jars to charge items such as jewellery or perfume with the same intention so that I can carry the energy with me as I go about my day.

Choosing ingredients to create your own personalised spell jar

There are many ways to choose the ingredients for your spell jar. If you wish to use herbs and crystals you can find tables of correspondences available online and in books. These can help you choose symbolic herbs and crystals that match your intention. Rebecca T Dickson has some great inspiration on her website. However, there are other ways to choose items and following your own intuition on what to include is a powerful way to create magic perfectly suited to you, your intentions and your practice.

Here are a few examples of how to choose items for your spell jar.

Elemental energy spell jar

If you like to work with the elements in your spellcraft, an elemental energy jar is a great way to create a spell that resonates with your practice.

Gather various natural items representing the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Choose specific items aligned with your intention such as herbs or spices for earth, feathers or incense for air, a red stone or crystal for fire and a piece of sea glass or blue crystal for water. Once you have gathered your items, you can follow the template below to create your own spell.

Sympathetic magic spell jar

Sympathetic magic works on the principle that like attracts like. So for this spell, you choose objects that hold similar energy to your intention. Select objects, charms, or symbols that resonate with your desired outcome, for example, coins, four-leaf clovers and gold items for abundance or heart symbols, rose quartz and rose petals for self-love. In addition, you can add symbols such as runes, oracle cards, tarot cards, images, affirmations and whatever else matches your intention.

Intuitive Personalization

For the most personal spells, I would always advocate using your intuition when crafting your spell jar. As you collect objects, ingredients, or symbols allow your instincts and intuition to guide your selection process. Sometimes the chosen item may not make much sense on a conscious level, but trust that your intuition is guiding you even if the reasoning is not yet clear.

Self-love spell jar

The following is an example of a spell jar created with the intention of promoting self-love (always a great place to begin spell work!) You can change the ingredients to suit your desires and intentions.

Items you will need

  • A clean glass jar with a lid
  • Pink or red candle (or whatever colour matches your intention) Alternatively you can use an LED candle if you are unable to use naked flames
  • Rose quartz crystal (or other crystal that matches your intention)
  • Dried rose petals (or other herb or flower that matches your intention)
  • Small pieces of paper and a pen
  • Any other objects or symbols that resonate with you regarding your intention


  • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. You may want to cleanse your space with incense or by ringing a bell or clapping your hands. You can cleanse the jar in the same way.
  • Light the candle
  • Take a few deep breaths, centring yourself and allowing any tension to melt away.
  • Spend some time reflecting on your intentions for the spell, perhaps by meditating on or journaling about what you need or desire.

Setting Intentions

  • Close your eyes and visualise a warm, supportive light surrounding you.
  • State your intention clearly and affirm your desire for self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth. For example, “I embrace and love myself fully, recognizing my inherent worth and value.”

Adding symbolic items

  • Take the rose quartz crystal and hold it to your heart. Envision the crystal absorbing your loving intentions and radiating them back to you. Place the crystal in the jar, symbolizing the continuous flow of self-love.
  • Add a handful of dried rose petals. Visualise the petals infusing the jar with their loving energy.
  • Add any other items that you have gathered for your spell one by one, focusing on the intention and the meaning behind each one.

Boosting your spell with affirmations and intentions

  • Take the small pieces of paper and write down your intention for the spell or positive affirmations related to the spell. Write each affirmation as if it has already come true. For example, “I love and accept myself completely.”
  • Place the intentions or affirmations in the jar and close with the lid.

Charging the spell jar

  • Hold the jar in your hands, feeling the energy emanating from it.
  • Visualize a bright light surrounding the jar, infusing it with love and positive energy.
  • Place the jar next to the lit candle, allowing it to bask in the warm and nurturing glow.

Closing the Spell

  • Express gratitude for the love and acceptance you have cultivated within yourself.
  • Extinguish the candle, symbolizing the completion of the ritual or allow the candle to burn down while watching it carefully
  • Place the spell jar in a prominent place, such as your bedroom or sacred space, where you can see it regularly.

Whenever you need a reminder of your self-love and worth, hold the jar in your hands, connect with its energy, and reaffirm your intentions.

You can adapt this basic template to create a spell jar for any of your desires or intentions by changing the ingredients and affirmations accordingly. You could also try this honey jar spell to sweeten relationships and situations

In conclusion, spell jars offer a tangible and versatile tool for manifesting intentions and connecting with the magic within. Whether you’re seeking love, protection, abundance, or healing, spell jars can be personalized to suit your specific needs. Embrace the art of spell jars, and unlock the boundless possibilities they hold for transformation and manifestation.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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