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Nature in the City: Unleash the Power of Mother Earth


Urban witches often thrive on the energy and dynamism of busy city spaces. However, nature is also important to us. Luckily we city witches get to work with nature in the city, too.

Nature is alive in the city in many forms, from majestic trees to patches of sparse grass, from mossy graves to well-tended gardens. Most cities also have rivers or canals, parks and maybe even botanical gardens if you are lucky. Whatever your city has to offer, it is worth seeking out special places to connect with Mother Earth and Nature Spirits, to seek connection and inspiration and a boost of nature’s magical energy.

There are often patches of neglected land in cities, too – at the edges of towns or alongside transport networks such as tramways and railways.

If you can find a neglected place like this which is safe and not too close to traffic, you may have it to yourself except for the occasional dog walker. Get to know this patch of nature in the city – it may not be everyone’s idea of a sacred grove, but it could be your special place. The plants, trees and animals that make this place their home may well appreciate your attention and love very much. Honouring a space like this can be very rewarding for a city witch.

My sacred city space

There is a remnant of ancient woodland near where I live which is my special patch of nature in the city. I like to visit often. It is only a few hundred metres wide and sits at the edge of a large housing estate. It is littered with empty food packets and cigarette butts and some of the trees are scrawled with graffiti. Occasionally people start fires or ride motorbikes beneath the ancient boughs, but often I have the place almost to myself.

Despite its rubbish and graffiti, it is beautiful wood, with some majestic oaks and ashes. It is a place I love and it seems to love me back. It appreciates my attention and responds by making me feel calm and inspired by every visit. These woods have given me clues as to when I am on the right path, such as when I found a half-buried ink bottle when I was doubting my path as a writer. I have also performed many a spell here.

Spell – Making a connection with the spirit of nature in the city

Choose a natural place in your local area where you would like to connect with nature in the city. This could be a park, woodland, a lone tree, a garden or a square. If you are housebound you could make a connection with a houseplant or a tree you can see from your window.

What you need

You don’t need anything to do this spell, except a little patch of nature in the city, but you can take some water as an offering if you choose. You can infuse the water with crystals or use water that has been allowed to absorb the moon or sun’s energy. Native plants or herbs can also be offered – but do your research so that you know any offering will not harm the environment.

What to do

Once you have arrived at your chosen city place, spend some time tuning into the energy. Find a place to stand or sit that is out of the way. Perhaps there is a bench you can sit on or a mossy log. Maybe you can stand unnoticed beneath the boughs of a shrub or tree. Take a few deep breaths. Look, listen and feel whatever is around you. Can you hear birds or city traffic, smell wildflowers, sweet earth or petrol fumes? Can you see the sun through green leaves or simply a few weeds making their home in the cracks in the pavement?

Stay in this quiet, attentive state as long as you feel comfortable. In return, you may get a message or a feeling of being understood. You may not sense anything immediately but notice that you take a sense of peace with you into the rest of the day.

If you feel a connection to this place, even if just a sense of presence or peace, be sure to return as regularly as you can. If you didn’t feel that this was the place for you, explore other natural spaces in your area until you find a place that feels right. Once you have found a place that feels good to you, you might like to practice some urban magic there!

To end your ritual, simply say thank you to the spirit of the place. You can also pour the water on the ground or sprinkle herbs if you are using them. Make a note in your book of shadows about how you felt in this patch of nature in the city and any thoughts or inspirations you received while you were there.

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration of nature in the city and are inspired to seek out nature where you live.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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