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Candle magic 101


It’s lovely to do a little candle magic in the evening as the sun goes down, or late at night when everything feels a little more magical. There’s a subtle allure in the flicker of a candle flame, an ancient dance that speaks to something deep within us. Candle magic is a practice that transcends culture and time, with roots buried in various traditions and folklore.

Unlike some other magical practices that might seem complex and difficult, candle magic is simple and accessible. In candle magic, we can use candles to channel intention, invoke specific energies or manifest desires. It’s as simple as it is profound. 

Candle magic is simple to do. You simply choose a candle, prepare it and then perform a spell or ritual. I’ll go through all the steps below.

So, let’s get into some candle magic!

Choose a candle

First, decide what kind of candle magic you want to perform and choose an appropriate candle. You can choose a colour that corresponds to your magical intent (see below) or use a white candle as a substitute for any other colour. Chime candles, tea lights or birthday candles work well if you want to complete the spell quite quickly. Alternatively, you can use a large pillar or container candle for spells that you want to work on over the course of a few days or more.

You can also use a combination of two or more candles in your spell. For example, if you want to improve loving communication in a romantic relationship you could use a pink candle for love and a blue candle for communication. Using a black candle alongside other candles can help reduce any negativity around your chosen intention for your candle magic.

If you cannot light candles in your home then you can use LED candles in the same way.

Candle colour correspondences

Colour Associations
RedPassion, sexual love, fire
OrangeCreativity, healthy emotions, enthusiasm
PinkLove, nurturing, healing the heart
YellowSelf-confidence, success, joy
GreenHealing, abundance, fertility
BlueCommunication, tranquillity, self-expression
PurpleIntuition, spirituality, connection to your higher self
White Healing and purity, substitute for any other colour
BlackAbsorbs negativity, protection, banishing
SilverMoon energy, femininity, psychic abilities and protection
GoldSun energy, success, wealth

Preparing your candle

Once you have chosen your candle and have a sturdy holder or fireproof plate, you are ready to begin your spell. However, you can prepare your candle in various ways first, if you choose. Many witches like to dress their candles with oil and herbs. To do this, take some olive or almond oil and add essential oils, then massage the oil into the candle. When dressing the candle, some people like to oil from the centre outwards to the top and bottom for banishing and from the top and bottom to the centre for manifesting. You can then roll the oiled candle in herbs if you wish. You can also write an intention into your candle with a toothpick or needle. Alternatively, you can write out a spell to recite or place it in front of your candle or underneath the holder.

When using LED candles do not dress them with oil and herbs, but place them on a dish or plate and sprinkle any herbs or flowers that you wish to use around the candle.

If you’d like to make your own candles you can mix in essential oils and herbs when you craft them. You can also colour them with dye or pieces of wax crayon to get the desired shade for your spell. You can use empty jam jars or save old container candle jars to make your candles or buy candle glasses from craft stores.

Now that you have chosen and prepared your candle you are ready to begin your spell.

Candle magic spell outline

This is a basic candle magic outline that you can adapt for any purpose. 

What you need

  • a small candle or LED candle
  • a candle holder or heatproof plate
  • matches or lighter
  • incense, salt or a bell to cleanse your space
  • Herbs or oils (optional)
  • A toothpick (optional)

What to do

Begin by choosing your intention for your candle spell, for example: healing, success, harmony or peace. You may like to meditate or journal to get crystal clear on your intentions for the spell.

Next, choose a coloured candle that corresponds to your intention. Alternatively, use a white candle. You should also gather together any other material you wish to use such as oils or herbs.

Now prepare yourself and your space for your candle magic. You can take a ritual bath or shower or just wash your hands to purify yourself. To cleanse your space you can burn incense, sprinkle salt around your working space, ring a bell or just clap your hands. If you like to cast a circle when working magic you can do this now, but this is not required. You can also call on any spirits, elements or deities you would like to work with – but again this is entirely optional.

Prepare the candle by dressing it with oil and herbs if you wish. Then sit holding your candle for a while thinking about your intention for the spell. Try to focus positive intentions into the candle which will be released when the candle is burned.

When you are ready, place your candle in a holder and, as you light it, state your intention. As the candle burns, focus on the flame and keep your intention in mind. Imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your desire or goals. Really let yourself feel the associated feelings such as happiness, pride, love, peace or whatever they may be. Feel these positive emotions filling you up with a warm glowing feeling inside. If you struggle with visualisation you can simply repeat your intention over and over or say some affirmations related to your intention.

Sit in this space for as long as you feel comfortable then visualise your intention being sent out into the universe, transformed into energy by the flame and the smoke and say the words, may it be so

You can sit with the candle until it burns down, or if you don’t have time, extinguish the candle. You can then relight it periodically, repeating your intentions until it is fully burned down.

Thank the universe or any deities or spirits you have called on to support you with your candle magic and close the circle if you have created one.

You may like to reflect on your spell once it is completed or over the next few days, perhaps journaling about your experience. 

For longer-term candle spells, such as for a harmonious home or self-love, you can use a larger candle and repeat the spell over the course of days or weeks using the same candle.

I hope you have found this introduction to candle magic helpful. It is one of the most simple yet profound and beautiful ways to practice magic. It is also very easy to adapt the spell to various intentions using different colours, herbs, flowers and oils.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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