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Book review: IntuWitchin by Mia Magik


IntuWitchin: learn to speak the language of the Universe and reclaim your inner Magik by Mia Magik

IntuWitchin is a lyrical yet practical guide to creating the magikal life you desire and deserve by tuning into guidance from your inner IntuWitchin. Mia Magik reminds us that we can be divine, magikal and deeply connected to nature, and explains how and why these abilities have been lost. She reveals how our innate abilities have been demonized and vilified so that we feel ashamed and stupid if we acknowledge our inner magic. Mia sets out to teach us how to “heal our programming and conditioning to return to our original essence (so) we can wield whatever magik we want”.

This book calls for few tools or ingredients except our body, mind, and spirit. Mia illustrates her “Earth-based, Goddess-guided magikal path hoping it inspires you to find and follow your own”. She says “My witchery doesn’t involve ‘casting spells’ as much as remembering every word we speak is a spell. Each of the six chapters explains its subject, using a mix of historical information, academic studies and personal stories and then offers practices that can help us put these ideas into practice in transformative ways.

Each of the first four chapters includes one or two practices at the end of the chapter to help you put the ideas into practice. The final four chapters focus on the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These chapters cover a variety of topics from tuning in to the seasons, to psychedelics and sex magik. These final chapters also include a wider range of activities, practices and journal prompts. 

Mia describes intuition as “an ability to receive extra-sensory Universal information, while IntuWitchin necessitates response — acting upon the messages you receive, which requires us to become fluent in the symbolic language of nature, learning how to interpret messages from dreams, conversation, animals, our bodies, and all life in general.” The first chapter explains how to rekindle our relationship with our IntuWitchin to mine these depths for inspiration and guidance in creating magikal lives.

Chapter 2 Reclaim the Witch Wound is a masterful exploration of our collective trauma and the conditions that have caused us to block our IntuWitchin and our Magik to keep ourselves safe. I particularly love how Mia names our inner critic the ‘Witch Finder’. In this chapter, she focuses on our struggle to speak our truth as well as the ways we have necessarily repressed our sexuality. 

Chapter 3 Everything is information, everything is Divination had me looking at divination in a whole new way. As the title says, everything is divination, and Mia describes how divination is “the constant conversation, always seeking and listening for messages from the divine, creating a reciprocal, symbiotic relationship with spirit”. As well as looking at this broader idea of divination, this chapter includes brief introductions to reading tarot intuitively, numerology and color magic.

In Chapter 4 Divine Timing, Mia describes her philosophy that is that if something is meant to be it will be and no amount of forcing will provide us with something that is not meant to be. Having said that, she does offer guidance on using divine timing to align ourselves with the universe to help move things along. She covers astrology and moon magic and includes guidance for new and full moon rituals.

Chapter 5 Body Language, is a thorough exploration of how to connect with our IntuWitchin through our bodies, including how problems with certain body parts and organs can shed light on our deeper issues. She explains how and why we have become disconnected from our bodies and how we found ourselves ‘living in our heads’. The practices in this chapter offer guidance on how to tune in to the messages from the body.

I found IntuWitchin to be an affirming and inspirational book about Magik in its widest sense. This is not a spell ‘cookbook’ but rather counsels us to explore our inner guidance and find magikal practices that can help us heal and create. If you are looking for a book of spells then this is not necessarily the book for you, however, if you are looking for a deeper underpinning to your practice and want to connect with your intuition and the wisdom of nature and the elements I would thoroughly recommend it.

The practices in the book are thoughtful and simple, though not always easy. I found several of them transformational and experienced profound shifts in consciousness and healing from some. There is quite a lot of shadow work in the practices and a few felt more like self-help than magik, but I feel the range of options are quite diverse and will offer something for all kinds of witches and spiritual practitioners. And we can use our IntuWitchin, as Mia advises, in choosing which practices are right for us.

Though I love practical magick, ritual and all things witchy, I found the practices in IntuWitchin a great compliment to my more practical spell crafting. There are some more ‘witchy practices, too including altar-making and candle magik.

I am so glad I bought and read this book and it is one I will return to again and again. I believe that you will get something new from many of the practices each time you do them.

If you are unable to use candles or fire in your magik then you will not be able to complete all the practices, and it would be nice if Mia had offered an alternative. Also, those of us who are post-menopausal women are a little left out and a nod to the crone would have been nice!

IntuWitchin describes connecting with nature a lot and mentions daily trips to the ocean and redwood forests. Mia describes her practice of going to the ocean daily, sinking her feet into the sand and saying “I am Earth”. Then she would feel the water of the ocean and say “I am water”. Feeling the wind in her hair she would say, “I am air” and watching the sun, “I am fire”. Chance would be a fine thing, Mia I thought, but I live in Croydon (a London Borough).

However, feeling inspired, I went out for a walk. I am lucky enough to live at the edge of suburbia and have a slim remnant of ancient woodland nearby. It is battle-scarred and neglected but it is a place I truly love. I trudged along, boots slipping on the muddy clay soil beneath my feet. ‘I am Earth’ I thought somewhat half-heartedly. I was lost in thought for a while and then I looked up and saw the sky was orange and the whole woodland glowed as if lit by thousands of those old-fashioned yellow-hued light bulbs. I gazed at the brilliant sky and smiled. ‘I am fire’.

Then, of course, it began to rain. The drops pattered pleasingly onto the bramble leaves and sodden leaf mould of a late winter woodland. ‘I am water’. I looked up at the bare branches swaying gently in the wind. ‘I am air’. I stood for a moment and repeated my words to each of the elements and then turned away from the fiery sky. Looking out through the bare branches to where the woods meet the churned clay field beyond I saw the most beautiful rainbow. 

Mia says that even a city park will ‘do’ to connect with nature. I think my strip of woodland does very well for a place to connect to the divine and make some inner magik.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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