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Witchcraft altars: 7 powerful ways to use your sacred space


If you recently set up a witchcraft altar, this post will offer some ideas on how to use your new witchy space. If you haven’t yet created an altar, check out my previous post Create a versatile witch’s altar in 7 simple steps.

Of course, every witch’s practice is unique, so you can utilize your witchcraft altar in any way you choose. Ultimately, your altar is a reflection of your spiritual connection and the specific rituals and practices you engage in so adapt your practice in whatever way suits you. However, if you are looking for new ideas, read on.

7 Ways to use a witchcraft altar.

A mindful Moment

I like to spend a little time at my witchcraft altar each day if I can. This isn’t always for a long period of time, it might be simply a little rearranging, lighting a tealight, pulling a tarot card or writing in my gratitude journal. I might take a moment to set my intentions for the day, to connect with deities or ancestors, or just dust or cleanse the space to keep it tidy and energetically clear. This creates a mindful moment in my day and helps me to set my focus for the day ahead.

You may prefer to spend time at your altar before bed or at any other time of the day. Don’t worry if you can’t do this every day, your practice can be adapted to fit your circumstances and to serve you.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Many witches use their witchcraft altars as a focal point for performing rituals and ceremonies. You might like to mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year by celebrating the Sabbats, such as Midwinter and Midsummer, Esbats (full moon rituals) and other special occasions. Your altar can be adorned with relevant symbols, candles, produce and herbs associated with the season. This is a lovely way to focus on the seasons and reinforce your connection with nature. It does not need to be complicated, a simple vase of flowers or coloured candle can be enough to mark the occasion.


Witches often use their altars to conduct spellwork. Whether you are doing candle magic or sigil magic, working with crystals or herbs, your witchcraft altar can be a focus for your energy and intention. Your altar also provides a sacred space in which to work as it gradually builds energy over time and with regular use. The items you have added to your altar also add energy and power to your spells. After you have been working at your altar for a while, you will find that you switch to a more magical way of being just by sitting or standing at your altar.

Your witchcraft altar is also a practical place to work, as it ensures you have all the tools and ingredients you need for a spell to hand, making it easier to do a spell when you have the time and inclination.

Setting Intentions and Visualization

Witches often use their altars as a place to set intentions and engage in visualization exercises. By focusing on a specific goal or desire and placing relevant items on the altar, such as crystals, we can concentrate our energy and intention, making it more likely for our desires to manifest. I also like to practice journaling and scripting at my altar to help me be clear about my intentions and focus on making them manifest in my life.


Your altar can be a great place to enjoy a meditation practice. You can light a candle or some incense, or turn on fairy lights and cleanse your space with a herbal spray or with sound. Creating this sacred space can help you switch more easily into a state of calm and make meditating a little easier. You can also use music or sounds at your altar to help you slip into a meditative state. I like to use various apps on my phone to surround myself with nature sounds, healing frequencies, guided relaxations or visualisations.

Divination and Shamanic Work

Your witchcraft altar can serve as a space for divination practices. You may like to sit at your altar to work with tarot, runes or other divination tools. In addition, your altar is the perfect place to connect to divine guidance or practice shamanic work.

Ancestral and Spirit Work

Some witches use their witchcraft altar to honour and communicate with ancestors, spirit guides or deity figures. Offerings like food, drink, or incense can be placed on the altar as a gesture of respect and a means of seeking guidance or protection from these spiritual entities. You can use your altar for this work or create a shrine to specific deities or your ancestors.

In addition to these practices, I like to spend some time each month cleaning and tidying my altar spaces. I often do this on the new moon or thereabouts as this is a great time for fresh starts. I generally clear away and dispose of any used candlewax, ash or herbs, clean all surfaces with an environmentally friendly cleaning spray and cleanse the space with smoke or sound. It’s also a good tie to clear out tools or ingredients I no longer use and to restock my herbs, candles and incense.

I hope this post on using your witchcraft altar has inspired you.

I’d love to hear how other witches use their altars. Let us know in the comments below.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
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