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3 Candle manifestation magic spell


The following three-candle manifestation magic spell is a powerful way to manifest new things into your life. This spell is particularly effective because it allows us to release blocks that may be preventing us from manifesting our desires.

What is candle magic?

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic that harnesses the energy of candles to manifest intentions and desires. Rooted in ancient traditions and various magical practices, candle magic is based on the belief that candles act as conduits for spiritual energy and symbolism.

In candle magic, different colours are often associated with specific intentions and purposes. We can select a candle of a colour that aligns with their goal, such as red for love, green for prosperity, or white for purification. The process typically involves cleansing and charging the candle before lighting it.

Once the candle is lit, we focus on the desired outcome, visualizing it with clarity and conviction. As the candle burns, the energy released carries the intention into the universe, helping to bring about the desired change. Some witches may also incorporate additional elements, such as herbs, oils, or symbols, to enhance the ritual and strengthen the connection to the spiritual realm.

Candle magic is a versatile and widely practised form of magic that allows us to tap into our inner power and universal energy to manifest positive change in our lives.

What is manifestation?

There are many different ways to practice manifestation. However, the general idea is that focusing our thoughts and energy on a particular goal can influence the external world, leading to the realization of that goal.

Manifestation is associated with various spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical beliefs. Some view it as a psychological tool for goal-setting and positive thinking, while others approach it from a more spiritual or metaphysical perspective.

How candles can enhance manifestation magic

Engaging in a candle ritual as part of the manifestation process brings several benefits.

Firstly, the transition from the mundane to the sacred is facilitated through the ritual, creating an environment conducive to spiritual and energetic work. The ritual also provides a focus for intention-setting, allowing us to concentrate our thoughts and make our desires more specific and targeted. Additionally, engaging in a candle ritual requires us to be present in the moment, deepening our connection to our intentions.

The use of candles also adds symbolism and fire energy to our manifestation magic. The flames and colours also serve as a focus for visualisation, aiding us in mentally picturing our desired outcomes. As the candle burns, it releases energy that is directed towards the intention, amplifying the power behind the manifestation. Psychologically, rituals empower us, instil a positive mindset and reduce doubt.

Finally, completing a candle ritual signifies closure, marking the end of focused energy work and releasing the intention into the universe with trust in the unfolding of the desired outcome.

What candles should I use in manifestation candle spells?

When choosing candles for your spells there are a few things to consider. The most important is burn time. If you wish to create a spell that will last several hours or days you will need a large candle with a long burn time This way you can relight the candle each time you work on your spell. If you want to do a shorter spell, don’t have much time, or don’t want to leave a candle burning for long, you should use a smaller candle. You can use spell candles, chime candles, tealights or even birthday candles. For the candle ritual below, I would recommend using chime candles, birthday candles or tealights.

If you are unable to use candles you can replace them with LED candles. These still have the same symbolism and of course, give off energy in electrical form.

The second consideration is colour. You may want to choose candle colours to match your intentions. I have included a simple colour correspondences chart below but the cultural associations of colours do vary so you may want to research various traditions. If you do not have the candle colour you need it can always be substituted with white.

Of course, fire safety is of paramount importance. You should never leave a candle unattended. It will not affect the spell if you snuff out the candle – you can simply re-light it later.

RedPassion, sexual love, fire
OrangeCreativity, healthy emotions, enthusiasm
PinkLove, nurturing, healing the heart
YellowSelf-confidence, success, joy
GreenHealing, abundance, fertility
BlueCommunication, tranquillity, self-expression
PurpleIntuition, spirituality, connection to higher self
WhiteHealing and purity, substitute for any other colour
BlackAbsorbs negativity, protection, banishing
SilverMoon energy, femininity, psychic abilities and protection
GoldSun energy, success, wealth

Preparing your candles for candle spells

Once you have chosen your candles you are ready to begin your manifestation candle spell. However, some witches like to prepare their candles before they begin. Cleansing is a good idea but the other preparations I have outlined below are completely optional.

Cleansing the candle

Before using the candle, it’s wise to cleanse it of any energies it may have picked up. This can be done by passing the candle through incense smoke, washing the candle in running water (avoid getting the wick wet) or sprinkling it with salt and then brushing it off.

Inscribing intentions

Using a small, sharp tool, like a cocktail stick or needle, carefully carve symbols, words or intentions into the candle. This can be as simple as carving a word representing your goal or inscribing symbols relevant to your intention. Focus on your goal while doing this.

Anointing the candle

Anointing involves dressing the candle with oils that correspond to your intention. Use a few drops of a ritual oil or a specific essential oil related to your goal. Here’s a basic guide:

Love: Rose, jasmine or ylang-ylang oil.
Prosperity: Patchouli, cinnamon or bergamot oil.
Protection: Frankincense, myrrh or cedarwood oil.

Some people prefer to use their fingertips, while others may use a consecrated tool. You can dress the candle in any way you choose though some witches believe that if you want to manifest something new into your life, you should rub oil from top to middle then from bottom to middle, while if you want to release something, you should rub oil from the middle outward to the top and bottom.

Adding herbs or crystals

You can enhance the power of your candle magic by adding herbs or crystals that align with your intention. Place them around the base of the candle or sprinkle them over the carved symbols. For example:

Love: Rose petals, thyme or rose quartz crystals.
Prosperity: Basil, bay leaves or citrine crystals.
Protection: Sage, salt or black tourmaline crystals.

Now that you understand the basics of manifestation candle spells you can start using them to help you manifest your dreams and desires. You can create your own spell, or use the one below. Feel free to adapt the following spell to suit your own beliefs and values as well as what you are able to do. For example, if you are a Wiccan, you may want to cast a circle. Or if you cannot use candles, use LED candles instead and bury your pieces of paper instead of burning them.

This 3 candle manifestation spell has three parts. The first part is designed to help you to let go of something that is not serving you any more. This may be a harmful habit or an outdated belief. If you are not sure what you need to let go of then it doesn’t matter, you can just set the intention to release whatever is blocking you.

The second part of the spell is designed to help you honour something positive in your life. This could be something physical, like a safe home, or it could be a relationship you are grateful for. It could also be something that you are proud of such as a personal value or talent.

The third part of the spell is the actual manifestation section. This is where you invite something into your life. This could be a relationship, abundance, a new job – whatever you want to manifest.

I like to choose either a black or white candle for the releasing part of the spell and then choose colours that align with what I want to honour and invite for parts two and three. You can also use white candles for all three.

manifestation Spell

3 Candle manifestation spell

What you need

Three small candles such as chime candles, spell candles, birthday candles or tealights
Candle holders
A fire-safe dish
Matches or a lighter
Three small pieces of paper and a pen


Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. You may like to cleanse your space with incense or by clapping your hands to disperse negative energy before you begin. Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself.

On three pieces of paper, write down specific aspects you want to release, honour and invite into your life following the guidelines below. Be clear and concise in the wording of your intentions.

First Candle (Releasing): This candle represents what you want to release or let go of in your life.

Second Candle (Honouring): This candle symbolizes something positive in your life that you want to honour and appreciate.

Third Candle (Inviting): This candle represents the new energy or experiences you want to invite into your life.

Next, take each of the candles in turn and spend a few minutes thinking about the intention you have assigned to it. This will charge your candle with your intention and make the magic more effective.

The ritual

Light the first candle and say: “I release and let go of [state what you want to release]. As this candle burns, I release its hold on my life.” Spend a few moments contemplating your intention and visualising how it will feel when you have released this emotion or situation.

Light the second candle and say: “I honour and appreciate [acknowledge what you want to honour]. May this light celebrate the positive in my life.” Spend a few moments focusing on this positive aspect of your life. Celebrate yourself and all those who have helped contribute to this positive emotion or situation.

Light the third candle and say: “I invite and welcome [express what you want to invite]. May this flame usher in new energy and opportunities.” Spend a few moments visualising the changes and energies associated with your manifestation. Feel the emotions associated with manifesting this emotion or situation.

Using tongs, burn the piece of paper with what you wish to release written on it using the ‘release’ candle. Again imagine how you will feel when this aspect of your life is gone. Next, burn the second piece of paper with what you want to honour written on it using the ‘honour’ candle. Feel the emotions of gratitude appreciation and pride associated with what you honour in your life. Lastly, burn the paper with what you want to invite written on it using the ‘invite’ candle. Breathe into the emotions associated with having this new energy, emotion or experience in your life.

Note: if you would prefer not to burn the paper you can bury them later.

Closing the ritual

Acknowledge the process of release, honour and invitation and express gratitude for the opportunity to create a change in your life. You can sit with the candles as they burn down or extinguish the candles starting with the ‘release’ candle, then the ‘honour’ candle and finally the ‘invite’ candle.

Once the ashes cool, dispose of them in a way that feels appropriate to you. This could be burying them in the earth or dispersing them in running water.

May this manifestation spell bring positive transformations into your life!

If you would like more tips on making manifestation work, including more on releasing blocks and negative beliefs, check out my post How to create manifestation spells that really work

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this spell, please let me know in the comments below.

Blessed be!

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
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