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Working with Brigid: Celtic Goddess of inspiration and the home


Brigid is a Celtic goddess who represents various aspects of life and spirituality including poetry, healing and craftsmanship. Many witches and pagans are drawn to this goddess for her associations with inspiration and creativity. Brigid is both a nurturing and protective goddess and her help is often sought for healing and as guardian of the hearth and home.

We can invoke Brigid’s presence during rituals and spells and seek her guidance for inspiration. We can also connect with the transformative energy of this goddess by using fire or candles, allowing her sacred flame to infuse our work. Brigid is associated with sacred wells, and, when working with her, we can use water from natural sources to enhance spiritual cleansing and revitalisation.

Brigid and Imbolc

Imbolc is a sacred festival devoted to Brigid and holds great importance for witches. It marks the transition from winter to longer days, bringing renewal and growth. During Imbolc, we can light fires and candles to signify the return of warmth and light, showing respect to Brigid as the goddess of hearth and home. Seeking inspiration, we can also draw on her nurturing aspects in spells for new beginnings. Imbolc serves as a cleansing time, mirroring nature’s awakening, allowing us to release old energies and welcome the fresh possibilities of the season. It’s a moment to honour the goddess and invite her blessings for a fruitful year ahead.

Brigid’s symbolism

There are several symbols and ideas relating to this goddess.

Fire is central to this goddess, representing inspiration, transformation and the hearth. She is often invoked through the flame, linking her to the sacred fire kept in her honour.

Water is another significant symbol, particularly in her role as a healer. Springs and wells dedicated to her are considered sacred and the water from these sources is believed to possess healing properties. However, any natural source of water can be used when working with her.

The forge and anvil symbolise Brigid’s connection to craftsmanship and the creative process. They represent her role as a patroness of blacksmiths, artisans and those involved in skilled labour.

Brigid’s Cross, woven from rushes or straw, is a symbol associated with protection and blessings. It is often hung in homes to bring good fortune and ward off negativity.

Celtic Knots symbolise interconnectedness and continuity, representing the eternal nature of the cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Brigid’s Mantle symbolises her protective and nurturing qualities. Legend has it that hanging a piece of cloth outside on the eve of Imbolc allows it to be imbued with Brigid’s healing energy.

Milk is often connected to this goddess, symbolising nourishment and sustenance and reflecting her role as a provider and protector of life.

These symbols reflect the various aspects of Brigid’s influence and the many areas of life and nature that she governs.

Working with Brigid

Connecting with a deity is about building a real relationship based on respect. While asking for guidance is natural, understanding the deity’s stories and myths, symbols and energy is also important. This kind of connection is mutual – you offer your devotion and gratitude and in return, you get a deeper spiritual experience. In Deity Work we attempt to create a relationship that makes our spiritual journey more meaningful and fulfilling.

Brigid’s Light Ritual

This ritual uses fire and water to honour Brigid in her role as healer and keeper of the sacred flame. If you cannot use candles, feel free to use an LED candle, small lamp, or another symbol of fire such as a fire agate crystal

What you need

A candle (preferably white or yellow)
A small bowl of water
A sprig of fresh herbs (like rosemary or sage)
A small offering (such as a piece of bread, honey, or milk)

What to do

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Place the candle, bowl of water, herbs, and offering on a small altar or a table.

Take a few moments to centre yourself. Close your eyes and visualise a warm, comforting light surrounding you. Set your intention for the ritual – it could be to honour the goddess, seek inspiration, or express gratitude.

Light the candle, and say, “Brigid, goddess of inspiration and hearth, I welcome your light into this space.”

Dip your fingers into the bowl of water. Sprinkle a few drops around your ritual space, saying, “Bless this water with your healing and nurturing energies.”

Hold the sprig of herbs in your hands. Inhale their aroma and say, “May the essence of these herbs bring clarity and inspiration to my mind and spirit.”

Place your offering before the candle, saying, “I offer this [bread/honey/milk] as a token of gratitude for your guidance and blessings.”

Speak your intentions aloud. You can ask for guidance, express gratitude, or simply share your thoughts with the goddess.

Express thanks, saying, “Thank you for your presence and blessings. May your light continue to inspire and guide me.”

Blow out the candle, symbolising the end of the ritual. As you do so, say, “Brigid’s flame is always within me.”

This simple ritual can be adapted and personalised to suit your preferences and the resources available to you.

Offerings for Brigid

A wide range of offerings are associated with Brigid and her many aspects. Here are a few examples of offerings you can use when working with Brigid.

Milk or Dairy Products – Brigid is associated with the nurturing and fertility aspects of the land. Milk symbolises nourishment and abundance, making it a suitable offering to this giddess. It is at Imbolc that the animals begin to produce milk once more so offering dairy at Imbolc is particularly fitting. If you do not eat dairy, you can use an alternative such as soya or almond milk.

Bread or Grains – As the goddess of hearth and home, offering bread or grains represents sustenance and the warmth of the hearth, acknowledging her role in domestic life.

Honey – Honey is a symbol of sweetness and healing. Offering honey to Brigid can be seen as a gesture to invoke her healing energies and bring sweetness to one’s life. If you are vegan, you can substitute agave or maple syrup instead.

Candles – Brigid is often associated with fire and inspiration. Offering candles symbolises the sacred flame and can be used in matters of creativity and inspiration.

Herbs, especially rosemary or sage – are linked to healing and purification. Rosemary, in particular, is associated with remembrance, while sage represents wisdom. Offering herbs acknowledges her healing and wise aspects.

Spring flowers – Brigid is connected to the arrival of spring and the renewal of nature. Offering spring flowers, such as snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils symbolises the blossoming of life and expresses gratitude for the changing seasons.

Artistic creations – Brigid is a patroness of the arts. Offering your own artistic creations, such as poetry, music, or crafts, is a way to honour her and seek inspiration for your creative work.

Well or spring water – Brigid is associated with sacred wells, and water is a symbol of purification and healing. Offering well water or any water from a natural source (or filtered tap water) can be a gesture of acknowledging her connection to sacred waters.

Brigid’s Cross – represents protection and is associated with her role as a guardian of hearth and home. You can make your own to offer her.

Handwoven items – Brigid is associated with weaving and craftsmanship. Offering handmade fabrics acknowledges her influence in this craft.

Healing Bath or Shower Spell Invoking Brigid

In this healing spell, we invoke the gentle presence of Brigid, the Celtic goddess of healing and inspiration, to infuse a bath or shower with soothing energies. This ritual invites Brigid’s healing touch to wash away ailments, restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

What you need

For a Bath:

Add a handful of dried rosemary or sage to the bathwater, symbolising Brigid’s healing and purifying aspects.

Place a small, white or yellow candle on the edge of the tub, lighting it with the intention of invoking Brigid’s healing light.

For a Shower:

Hang a bundle of dried rosemary or sage near the shower head, allowing the steam to carry its scent and essence into your shower space.

Light a small, white or yellow candle on a safe surface outside the shower, symbolising Brigid’s healing presence.

What to do

As you immerse yourself in the water or stand beneath the flowing shower, take deep breaths and centre your mind. Picture Brigid’s gentle light surrounding you, bringing comfort and renewal.

Speak aloud or silently:

“Brigid, goddess of healing and renewal,
I invite your soothing energy to infuse this water,
Wash away any ailment or discomfort,
Restore my body, mind and spirit to vitality.
As the water cleanses, let your healing light embrace me.”

Continue to focus on the warmth of the water and the candle’s glow, allowing Brigid’s presence to envelop you. Spend as much time as needed in this calming space, visualising the healing energy at work.

When you feel ready to conclude, express gratitude to the goddess:

“Brigid, thank you for your healing touch,
May your rejuvenating energy stay with me,
As I emerge, renewed and restored.”

Extinguish the candle (if applicable) and step out of the bath or shower, wrap yourself in a towel and relax into the feeling of revitalisation and healing.

An Imbolc ritual for Brigid

The following Imbolc ritual can be done outside in nature or indoors, preferably surrounded by natural elements such as plants. If you are working outside and it is windy, you may find it easier to use an LED candle for this ritual. You can adapt this ritual in any way you choose to make it more personal to you, your path and your relationship with the Goddess.

Begin by lighting a candle, whispering, “Brigid, muse of inspiration, I welcome your light into this space.”

If you’re outside, dip your fingers into a bowl of water and sprinkle drops onto the earth, saying, “Bless this water and let it connect me to the vibrant life of nature.” If inside, water a potted plant, expressing, “May this plant symbolise life thriving within these walls, nurtured by your inspiration.”

Sit in quiet reflection, feeling the energy of the goddess and the surroundings. Visualise nature embracing you and acknowledge the goddess’s influence. Engage with the natural elements around you, be it the earth beneath your feet or the potted plant’s leaves. Share your thoughts and intentions with Brigid and ask for her inspiration.

Conclude by thanking the goddess, “Brigid, thank you for sharing this moment with me. Under your guidance, may my inspiration continue to flourish.”

Blow out the candle.

Simple, daily rituals to incorporate Brigid into your life

Incorporating Brigid into daily life can be a simple yet meaningful practice. Consider beginning your day by lighting a candle in her honour, invoking her inspiration and warmth for the day ahead. Perhaps add herbs associated with her, such as rosemary or sage, into your cooking or as a fragrant addition to your living space. Keep a small offering bowl on your windowsill or altar, periodically filling it with fresh water as a symbol of her sacred wells and the continuous flow of inspiration. Take a moment to express gratitude before meals, acknowledging Brigid’s nurturing aspects.

If you work with crafts or arts, dedicate a small portion of your creative endeavours to Brigid, seeking her guidance for inspiration. These small acts of connection can infuse your daily life with Brigid’s essence, nurturing a deeper and more intimate relationship with this Celtic goddess.

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