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How to raise energy for effective spell work




Raising energy is a crucial part of many magical spells and rituals because it is the force that makes the magic work. While not every spell will need extensive energy raising, if you are aiming to make big transformations in your life, you’ll want to raise the energy to power your intentions.

Raising energy for spell work

Raising energy is the process of building internal energy which you then direct and release into your spell work. The energy that you are building can depend on the spell work you are doing. You’ll want a different kind of energy to create a spell for a harmonious home than you would to achieve a big juicy goal such as finding your dream partner or achieving a promotion.

In general, you are looking to achieve a heightened energetic state, perhaps similar to how you might feel at a concert where your favourite band are playing. Some people describe the state as like a runner’s high, or a building up to the moment the beat drops in music. It can also be a deep meditative state, a shift in consciousness or a trance-like state. You may feel the energy in your body as a sense of excitement, a physical shaking or a buzzing feeling, or alternatively as a sense of extraordinary serenity or an ‘out of body experience’.

Here are some common ways to raise energy for spell work

Visualize the energy you want to raise flowing into and around your body. You can imagine it as a bright light, a swirling vortex, or any other imagery that resonates with you. As you visualize, feel the energy building and intensifying.

Controlled breathing techniques can help raise energy. Breathe deeply and evenly, inhaling positive energy and exhaling any negativity or distractions. Some practitioners use rhythmic or circular breathing to build energy.

Chanting or Mantras
Repeating specific words, phrases, or mantras can raise energy. Choose words that are relevant to your intention and chant them with focus and intention. The rhythmic repetition builds energy over time.

Dance or Movement
Dance can be a very powerful way to raise energy. Move your body in a way that feels natural or in a way that corresponds to your intention. Dance with passion and intensity to generate energy.

Drumming and Percussion
The rhythmic beating of drums or other percussion instruments can create a trance-like state and raise energy. You can play a drum, rattle, or use other instruments while focusing on your intention. Alternatively, you can listen to a drumming track or music with a strong beat.

Candle Flames
Staring into the flame of a candle can be a form of meditation and energy raising. As you gaze into the flame, allow it to draw you into a focused state of mind and build energy within you.

Use of Tools
Some magical tools, such as wands, athames, or staffs, can be used to direct and raise energy for spell work. Pointing or waving these tools with intent can help gather and focus energy.

Moon and Sun Energy
Drawing upon the energy of the moon and sun is a common practice to increase energy for spell work. Many witches use the light and energy of the full moon or the sun to empower their spells and rituals.

Elemental Energy
Work with the elements (earth, air, fire, water) to raise energy. You can stand outside in a strong wind, meditate by a flowing stream, or sit by a campfire to connect with elemental energies.

Meditation itself is a way to raise and focus energy. By going into a deep meditative state, you can tap into your own internal energy sources and channel them toward your spell work.

Group Energy
If you are working with others, the collective energy of the group can be harnessed to raise a powerful force for communal spell work. Chanting, dancing, or performing a synchronized ritual together can amplify the energy.

Emotion and Passion
Always try to infuse your spells with strong emotions and passion. The intensity of your feelings can generate significant energy. Pour your heart and soul into your magical work.

If you are new to raising energy, I would recommend trying a few ways and seeing which works best for you. If you find it difficult at first, don’t worry – like so many things, raising energy takes practice.

Directing energy for spell work

Once you have raised as much energy as you can, you need to direct the energy into the spell. This is sometimes referred to as throwing energy. You can direct the energy into a physical representation of your spell such as a talisman, a spell jar, a sachet, or another physical part of your spell work. You can also direct the energy to a part of your body which requires healing, or to another person who needs healing.

To direct your energy into your object you need to try to sense the heightened energy in your body, mentally gather it up and then direct it onto your chosen object or person. You can do this by symbolically throwing the energy at the person or object, with your arms or hands, or sending it with a wand or pointed finger. You can visualise the energy as a stream of light if that helps

You will now feel the energy being transferred from you to the object. You might feel a release of energy and a state of calm. Again, don’t worry if you can’t feel this exactly as first. Even if you don’t feel the full effect described, some transference of energy will most probably have occurred and that will power your spell work.

If you prefer a more structured approach to energy raising you might like to try the Wiccan ritual of the Cone of Power

Raising the Cone of Power.

This ritual involves raising and directing energy toward a specific goal or intention. Many witches like to create a sacred and protected space by casting a circle and calling the quarters before beginning their spell work. You can also use tools like an athame or wand and you may want to invoke the God and Goddess or specific deities relevant to your intention.

What you need

  • A sacred space or circle
  • An item to represent the element of earth such as a bowl of earth or salt
  • An item to represent the element of air such as incense, a feather or a symbol such as a bird.
  • An item to represent the element of fire such as a candle (or LED candle) or a fire agate crystal
  • An item to represent the element of water such as a bowl of water or a blue crystal such as aquamarine
  • Any tools or altar decorations you typically use in your practice (optional)

What to do

Set up your altar
Arrange the items you are using on your altar within the circle and light the candles.

Centre and Ground
Take a few moments to centre yourself. Stand or sit quietly and take several deep breaths to ground your energy. Feel your connection to the earth beneath you.

Set Your Intention
Spend some time thinking about your intention and focus on your goal. Try to visualise your goal as clearly as possible including feeling the emotions associated with your intention. Visualise your goal as if it has already been achieved and feel the emotions you will feel when this has happened. Focus as clearly as you can on your goal.

Chant or Recite Incantations
Begin to chant or recite incantations that are relevant to your intention. These can be simple phrases or more elaborate invocations. The key is to infuse your words with intent and emotion. As you chant, raise the energy within yourself, allowing it to build.

Raise the Energy
As the energy builds, raise your arms above your head and visualize the energy swirling around you. Imagine it forming a cone or a vortex above you, extending into the sky.

Release the Energy
Once you have built up as much energy as you can, imagine the energy that has built up in your body and the cone of power being sent out into the universe or to the Gods to work on your intention. I like to do a deep inhale at this point but some witches like to shout or clap their hands.

Ground and Close the Circle
Lower your arms, feeling the energy return to a calm state. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. Thank any deities or spirits you’ve invoked. Release the circle and the quarters, closing the ritual.

Raising energy is an often underestimated but essential element of successful spell work. It serves as the driving force behind your magical intentions, helping you manifest your desires effectively. Whether you’re seeking minor changes or significant transformations in your life, understanding how to raise and direct energy is a valuable skill for any practitioner.

As you explore the various ways to raise energy for your spell work, remember that practice is key. Not every method will work for everyone, so try different techniques and find what resonates with you. Building this skill takes time, and you’ll improve with each practice. Keep in mind that the ability to raise and direct energy can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your spell work and other magical practices.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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