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Elemental magic: adding elemental energies to your magic


Many witches like to harness the energies and qualities associated with the four elements in their magical practices. Elemental magic is excellent for the beginner witch or the broom-closeted witch as it uses simple ingredients such as water and earth, candles and incense or alternatives. However, while elemental magic can be simple – the energies are powerful and can transform your magic.

Read on to find out how to include the elements in your magical practice and for a simple ritual to connect you with the elemental energies.

The energies and uses of the elements in elemental magic

Each element is associated with different energies and represented by various symbols. Here is a brief introduction to the elemental energies and their symbols. This is just a starting point to begin your exploration of elemental magic: there are many more associations and symbols of each element. Remember to follow your intuition when choosing elements and symbols in your elemental magic, as they will add your unique energy to your spells and rituals.

Earth Energy

Earth energy is associated with the direction North and the colour green and other dark earthy colours. You can use a green crystal or a bowl of salt to represent earth in a spell, or, of course, use some earth! Other options include items made of clay and plants. Earth energy is associated with stability, grounding and growth. Earth magic is often used for spells for luck, abundance and prosperity.

Air Energy

Air energy is associated with the direction East and the colour yellow. You can use incense, room sprays or yellow crystals to represent air in a spell. Alternatively, you may like to use a feather or an image of a bird. Air magic is often used for inspiration and creativity, communication, intellectual pursuits and protection.

Fire Energy

Fire is associated with the direction South and the colours red and gold. You can use candles or red crystals to represent fire in a spell. Alternatively, you can use an image of fire, fairy lights or LED candles. The fire element is associated with transformation, which is why so many spells use fire. Fire magic is often used for spells for love, passion, creativity, power and strength. 

Water Energy

Water is associated with the direction West and the colour blue. You can use blue or turquoise crystals or a bowl of water to represent water in a spell. Water energy in magic is associated with emotions, intuition and purification. Water magic is often used for healing spells and divination.

Elemental Magic Ritual for Beginners

This simple elemental magic ritual will help you gain guidance, support and inspiration and empower you to achieve your best life. It can also help you to balance the different parts of yourself and create a sense of unity and wholeness that you can bring to your life and magic.

What you will need

A quiet space to work

A small bowl of salt or earth

Incense, a feather or other symbol of air

A small candle, LED candle or a red crystal such as fire agate

A small bowl of water 

What to do

If possible, set up an altar on a tabletop and place the earth symbol to the North, the air symbol to the East, the fire symbol to the South and the water symbol to the West. Otherwise, arrange the items in your space in any way you choose.

Earth (North)

Take a pinch of salt from the bowl and hold it. Close your eyes and focus on the energy of Earth. As you do this, visualise stability, growth and abundance. Take a few deep breaths, and when you feel ready, say, “I call upon the energy of Earth to ground and support me.”

Air (East)

Next, light the incense or focus on the symbol of air. Feel the energy of Air, which represents thought and inspiration. Take deep breaths of the incense smoke and say, “I call upon the energy of Air to inspire and clarify my thoughts.”

Fire (South)

Now, light or turn on the candle. Feel the warmth and energy of Fire, which represents transformation and passion. Gaze into the flame and say, “I call upon the energy of Fire to ignite my passions and empower my intentions.”

Water (West)

Dip your fingers into the Water and sprinkle a few drops on your forehead or heart. Feel the cool, flowing energy of Water, representing emotions and intuition. Say, “I call upon the energy of Water to cleanse and guide my emotions and intuition.”

Embrace and integrate

Stand quietly for a moment, feeling the energies of all four elements around you. Visualise them harmonising and balancing within you. Take a few deep breaths and say, “I am one with the elements and I thank them for their presence and guidance.”

This simple elemental magic ritual is designed to introduce you to the energies of the elements and establish a connection with them. As you become more comfortable with this practice, you can explore more advanced rituals and spellwork associated with elemental magic.

Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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