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Create Your Own Magic Spell Kit




If you have been reading a lot of blogs and books about witchcraft you may be confused about what you actually need to get started with witchcraft. Of course, everyone’s practice is different, but a few people have asked me to put together a basic magic spell kit that can be used for a variety of spells and rituals. So here goes.

Magic Spell Kit Suggestions

Notebooks or folders either physical or digital

For me, the most important item in my magic spell kit is a notebook. I will write a post about grimoires and books of shadows soon, but to start with, get a notebook or a folder and loose leaf pad and start making notes about what you learn and most importantly what practices or spells you try, how you did them and what the results where. This will become an invaluable resource for you as you progress in your witchcraft practice.

Pen and paper

Besides writing in your notebook or journal, pens and paper are useful for shadow work, journaling about your intentions and creating sigils. 

White candles, LED candles, fairy lights, or a small lamp

I love doing candle magic. The flickering flame helps me to focus and creates the perfect atmosphere for witchy rituals and spells. LED candles are really useful too. They are the perfect alternative if you cannot use real flames, and they are great if you are doing magic outdoors on a breezy day as they avoid the frustration of your candles blowing out.


Salt is a simple and easy-to-find ingredient that is perfect for anything involving cleansing and protection. You can add salt to bathwater, dissolve it in warm water and use it for cleaning, or sprinkle it around your space for protection. Table salt, sea salt, rock salt or pink Himalayan are all fine.

A stone for energy amplification. 

A clear quartz is often used for energy amplification, however, you can use any crystal you associate with positive energy. Alternatively, go for a walk in nature and pick up a stone that you intuitively feel has positive energy.

A stone or crystal to absorb negative energy and provide protection. 

Black crystals such as obsidian or black tourmaline are often used to absorb negative energy, but again you can use any crystal or stone that feels right for you. A nice piece of flint or granite found on a walk would work perfectly, otherwise just choose any stone or pebble that feels right to you. You can carry the stone for protection, set it on your altar or use it in any way you choose for spells and rituals.


Containers are useful for creating spell jars, bowls or sachets. Keep empty jars and bottles, envelopes, bags and boxes as well as odd bits of ribbon or string to add to your magic spell kit- you never know when they might be useful.

Dried rosemary 

Rosemary is helpful for enhancing memory, protection and purification. It is often used in rituals, sachets and incense to ward off negative energy and attract love and healing. 

Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is often used for purification as well as attracting abundance. It is often used in spells and rituals to attract wealth, enhance spiritual vibrations and stimulate passion.


Basil is the ideal ingredient for spells involving love, wealth and protection. It is associated with purity and abundance and can be used in love and health spells to and ward off negative influences.

Dried sage

Sage is valued for its magical properties of purification, wisdom and protection. It can be used in incense to cleanse and protect. It is used to aid wisdom and help with divination as well as enhancing mental clarity and protecting against negative energies. There are a few different kinds of sage including white sage, clary sage and garden sage. I use garden sage as it is easily grown or bought from supermarkets or garden centres.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves are used in manifestation rituals by writing intentions on them and then burning the leaves to release those desires into the universe, enhancing the likelihood of their fulfilment.

Dried rose petals 

Rose petals are valued for their ability to attract love, enhance beauty and promote healing. They are often incorporated into love spells, beauty rituals and healing baths. You can buy these in some supermarkets or buy a bunch of roses and dry them by separating the petals and laying them out on kitchen paper for a few days

A heatproof plate, pot or cauldron

A heatproof place is a necessary addition to your magic spell kit if you plan to use fire in any of your spells or rituals. A heatproof plate or cauldron is useful for burning incense, slips of paper used in spells or bay leaves. 

Small bowls 

Small bowls are useful for holding ingredients such as salt, water and herbs 

A shelf, box, or bag to store the items in when not in use.

Finally, find a safe place to store your magic spell kit out of the way of small children, pets and, if necessary, prying eyes.

I hope you have found this magic spell kit info useful. I’d love to know what your favourite tools and ingredients are. let me know in the comments below

Blessed be


Eva May Baker
Eva May Baker
Hello, and welcome to The City Witch, your portal into the magical world that exists within the hustle and bustle of city life. My name is Eva Baker and I am an urban folk witch, author and your guide on this magical journey.


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